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SMS Consultancy

No description

Nicolas Corredor

on 12 June 2010

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Transcript of SMS Consultancy

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Semiconductor manufacturing system (SMS)
Manufacturing Consultancy

27 April 2010 "We help you achieve your own strategic and business goals’’ Objective: Given the current state conditions determine which provider offers the best
solution for the Enterprise.
Current State

Provider 1: -Multinational Corporation based in the USA
-Tools with the lowest mean processing time in the market

Provider 2: -New Japanese Company
-Offers R&D data. System Diagram:
r1 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 The two phases of process at each work station take the same time on average.
Arrival rate for the 3 Work Stations was of 200 lots/week Current State Open Queueing Network with 3 M/M/1 Stations 1 System
3 Work Stations
2 processes per Work Station No Maintenance
No Failures
No confident predictions Provider 1 Network with G/G/1 Stations Maintenance
No confident predictions
Unpredictable Breakdowns Variability Natural Variability:
- Inherent in Natural Processing time.
- Unidentified Process Preemptive Outages:
-Inevitable and unpreditable breakdowns
- Practical ways to reduce its effects Non- Preemtive Outages:
- Inevitable breakdowns
-Periodic and controllable Breakdowns Maintenance
Predictable Breakdowns Provider 2 Provider 1 vs Provider 2 Provider 2 CT < Provider 1 CT
Provider 2 WIP< Provider 2 WIP Provider 2 Total Cost = Provider 1 36.65% of Total Cost Financial Analysis Cash Flow: Return on Investmen After
4 Months. With Net Present Value of
$14,777.36 Methodology System Analysis
Understand the causes and effects of variability
Calculate CT, WIP and Costs of the proposals
Analyze the proposals
Give the best solution
Let's face new challenges Thank You Provider 1
Mistakes in Calculations -Natural Processing Time
- Arrival Coefficient of Variation Network with G/G/1 Stations
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