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No description

Phuong Anh Do

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Manga

MANGA'S WORLD <3 Manga are comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long, complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. Mangaka is the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist. Outside of Japan, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book and mangaka refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese. As of 2006, about 3000 professional mangaka were working in Japan. + Shounen (action)
+ Shoujo (love)
+ Comedy
+ Drama -Manga's fans called OTAKU.
-There are a lot of festivals about Manga every year where people cosplay the manga/anime character they like.
-If an Otaku likes some character they could imitate that character with a dash of their own style and they name it: fan art.
- Doraemon is a Manga character that is certified as Japan's citizen. Since the 1980s, manga's popularity has grown beyond Japan's borders. Manga books and manga characters are popular in all areas of western culture, including films, computer games, advertising and design. Tite Kubo (Bleach) Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon) CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura) Famous magaka Fujiko F Fujio (Doraemon) Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy) Kishimoto Masashi (Naruto) Oda Eiichiro (One piece) Mangaka Manga Culture: Manga comics are read from right to left. The term manga is a Japanese word referring both to comics and cartooning. "Manga" as a term used outside Japan refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan. Manga as a whole does not target young audiences. Despite its cartoon characters, manga are written for young and old alike. Manga heroes are diverse and can include samurai warriors, teenagers in love, sushi chefs and office clerks. Fujimaki Tadatoshi (Kuroko no Basket) Aoyama Goushou (Detective Conan) Toriyama Arika (Dragon Ball) + School life
+ Yaoi (Boy x Boy)
+ Yuri (Girl x Girl)
+ Ecchi (Pervert)
+ etc. Types of manga Doraemon Opening
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