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the basics of volleyball

Journey Kaczor

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Volleyball

volleyball Journey Kaczor equipment Volleyball
Net (heights vary between men & women)
Teams (of 2, 4, or 6) game play serve
spike Actions the players Back Row Front Row Libero
Defensive players Setter (team captain)
Hitters the rules Each team gets only three hits to get the ball over the net
If the opposing side forces the ball to the ground on your side of the court, they get a point (known as a kill)
If you drop the ball on your side of the court, they also get a point (known as an error)
The first team to 25 wins!
Matches are usually best of 3 or 5 the court Can be sand or a hard floor (either wood or composite flooring)
Dimensions depend on the size of the teams http://www.volleyballces.com/images/Volleyball%20Court%20Dimensions%20VAI.gif questions? background image courtesy of: http://imagesus.homeaway.com/mda01/eaffea30-2b50-46bd-9bdb-88addd677552.1.10 http://orvinapparel.com/official-wilson-avp-beach-volleyball/
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