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more than just video editing on the cloud...

Alexei Uskov

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of adaptivecast

adaptivecast today adaptivecast dynamic ● intelligent ● adaptive centralized, open platform for online video assets control and distribution plug-and-play rich internet applications:

allow the hosting, control, editing and publishing of high-quality on-demand and live videos; compile them together in a single video composition along with text, image, audio, video and flash overlays

built on top of adaptivecast's platform infrastructure and API

provide customizable platform SDK components - uploader, syncronizer, transcoder, live-broadcaster, live-recorder, media browser, video editor, media player, exporter, tasks manager, statistics, and reporting dashboard saas layer paas layer virtual VDN (video distribution network) allows to define a set of physical services to enable a platform's functionality for online video transformation, hosting, streaming and publishing across different networks, services and locations

platform API provides full access to adaptivecast's user's portfolio, assets, metadata, content management features and statistics information

adaptivecast portal (www.adaptivecast.com) - a web-based user account management tool... online video communication and distribution platform online video editing on the cloud utilizes the best practices for managing and publishing online video assets

allows the publisher to build an optimized, cost-effective virtual environment to cover all aspects of the online video ecosystem

provides a one-size-fits-all solution for creating, formating, editing and distributing rich media content over the internet

supports a single-source publishing model, unifies the media experience and tracks audience results from one virtual location. online video composer Thank you! next level dynamic, intellegent, adaptive adaptivecast cloud:

allows publishers to build online virtual environments to optimize the cost of an entire video ecosystem, while they increase both the quantity of the content and the overall quality of the online viewing experience

helps publishers find the optimal combinations of existing content management services and delivery networks, which can be aligned with a publisher’s online video business needs

gives publishers complete control over their media content and video publishing strategies in terms of metadata, publishing filters, composition of video streams, overlays integration, interactive forms and in-stream media advertising; includes customizable video players with tracking and measurement capabilities third-generation online video service:

build and edit video projects with high-quality, long-form, on-demand, and live video content in compositions with multimedia overlays

handles an extensive mix of delivery modes, format types, encoding rates, data transmission protocols, and geographies adaptivecast cloud -
online video delivery business partner allows content owners to create media once, make all editing available in one place, and control publishing results from one virtual location

simplifies distribution for publishers by translating each video composition for a wide range of playback environments, while the actual content is adapted on-the-fly based on a variety of viewing platforms, frameworks and connectivity

unifies the media experience by offloading most of the environment complexity and distribution work onto the adaptivecast cloud, while making the video distribution process transparent to both publishers and consumers simplifies the distribution process for the publisher; allows the compilation and operation of a single broadcast channel of publisher’s content

maintains consumers expectation of a seamless, high-quality media experience at every point of interaction; provides the continued benefits of mobility and personalization
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