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compare and contrast

No description

Kellsey Dreher

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of compare and contrast

Cylinder Container
rectangular prism
3 inches;
Lexi's leftovers
Compare and Contrast
Lexi has two containers and that she needs to fill it with soup. She has enough soup to fill a container with the volume of about 13 inches. Which container would use to hold the soup?
4 inches;
5 inches;
Cylinder: V= Bh ; xR^2

Rectangular Prism: V=Bh
Rectangular Prism
Real life examples:
The length of the container is 4 inches.
The diameter of the container is 2 inches.
4 inches
2 inches
The length of the container is 3 inches,
the width is 4 inches, and the height 5 inches.
3 inches
4 inches
5 inches
4 inches
2 inches
Steps to solve for the volume of the rectangular prism:
Step one: Find the length of the rectangular prism.
Step two: Find the width of the rectangular prism.
Step three: Find the height of the rectangular prism.
Step four: Multiply the length, width, height.
Step five: State your answer in cubic units.
Steps to solve for the volume of the Cylinder
Step one: Find the radius of the circular base.
Step two: Calculate the area of the circular base.
Step three: Find the height of the cylinder.
Step four: Multiply the area of the base by the height.
Rectangular prism: 60 inches

Cylinder: 12.56 inches
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