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TV Advertisement

Media presentation

Anthony Vollert

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of TV Advertisement

Media Cog
Currently, public beliefs about youths created
by the media include that they are violent, lazy,
drug abusing and reckless party animals

My purpose today is to propose a television
advertisement for free to air TV that will counter the
negative perception on teenagers created by the

The aim of the ad is to reconstruct their image
in society and create a positive view on
their lives
TV Advertisement Campaign
Department of Youth Affairs
Media Conveys
Public hears
via radio, TV
or newspaper
People develop their
own opinions based on false information
Key Aspects
The reason I chose to base my ad on an iphone was because I knew it would appeal to a very wide audience young and old.

Secondly, the iphone has many apps one of which is a picture viewer which makes it perfect for this ad.
The music that I have chosen for each slide is significant because they are one of the most popular songs of the particular time period on screen, hopefully recollecting peoples childhood lives.
This means that when adults and other people hear these songs, it will remind them what their life was like
The background I have chosen is just a simple dark grey to keep people focused on the Iphone

This is similar to the one used on the Iphone ads
I have chosen pictures with very bright colours.

This is to show that their lives are positive and fun.
I chose to use the voice of a teenager at the end reading out the message.
I chose this because I thought this would be more effective for my target audience who is primarily adults but the ad is also for Gen Y’s themselves and anyone younger who has been influenced by the media.
It is Gen Y text language. It is not grammatically correct but everyone does it and so can relate to it

I want these words to be noticed, to make a statemen
In concluding, my advertisement and key message that youths haven’t changed…they are still the same and they are Gr8 will ideally lead the viewer to see youth differently.

I am confident it will lead to a positive change in people’s perceptions about youth thereby countering the negative portrayal by the media. It should also raise self esteem of Gen Y’s. Hopefully this ad will help meet the Departments aim to benefit youth and society as a whole and recreate the social image of youth in society.
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