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Discordianism : a Mindmap

No description

Gwen Boul

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Discordianism : a Mindmap

Lord Omar A.k.a Kerry Wendell Thornley (1938-1998). Brought up in a mormon familly, he published underground newspapers on its own. One of them was devoted to zenarchism, a form of buddhist anarchism which rejects the research of a stable state of mind. During a bowling game, around 1958, Lord Omar had a sudden revelation and created, with Malaclypse the Younger, Discordianism. Pope The highest degree in the discordian hierarchy. According to Principia Discordia, every man, woman and children on earth is a pope. You can print yourself a pope card which grant you several rights such as invoking infallibility at any time, including retroactively, the possibility of revise discordian dogmas and appointing someone else pope. You could even canonise somebody. Malaclypse the Younger A.k.a Gregory Hill (1941-200). Sent by Eris to Lord Omar, he will help him write the Principia Discordia. The character also appears in the Illuminatus! trilogy, in which he is the founder of the Norton cabal. Saints Every discordian pope weild the power to canonise a person who proved to be worthy of Eris. Among them : Don Quixote, fictional character created by Cervantes, Joshua Norton (drawing) who proclaimed himself emperor of the United States in 1858 and Ed Wood, who is considered to be the worst film director of all time. . Robert Anton Wilson Writer, psychologist and poet (1932-2007)n he was the advocator, with the guru of LSD Timothy Leary, of the Eight circuits model of consciousness. He became famous with the trilogy Illuminatus!, co-written with Robert Shea, which combines discordian mythology and conspiracy theories. Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Ecco and Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown were greatly influenced by it. Sacred Chao Symbole des discordiens qui s’inspire du yin-yang taoïste, et illustre l’interrelation entre ordre et désordre. Le pentagone représente l’ordre apparent. La pomme, le désordre apparent. Les deux étant des divisions artificielles créées par l’homme pour décrire l'univers qui n'est que pur chaos. Eris Greek goddess of strife and discord and main figure of the religion. Enraged because she hasn’t been invited to Peleus and Thetis wedding, she tossed a golden apple inscribed Kallisti (“For the most beautiful one”) in the party. This apple will be offered by Pâris to Aphrodite, in exchange for the love of Helen of Troy, and will provoke the first great conflict between men : the Trojan War. Principia Discordia The Discordian Bible, co-written by Lord Omar and Malaclypse the Younger. Between 1963 and 1969, more than 3000 copies will be sold and the book became a cult object in the undergound culture. The text has been modified several times, according to the authors’ wishes, an drepublished on paper or digital format. On Internet, the whole book is easily available on consultation. The Law of Five “All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to five”, according to the Principia Discordia. The Law of Five is a weird joke which shows that our perception of reality is conditioned by the grid we used to see the world (“All is linked to five”). The 23 enigma, belief in the fact that all is related to the number 23, is the absurd corollary of the law of five. Curse of Greyface In 1166 BC, Greyface convinces men that life is a serious thing. Order is seen as positive and disorder as negative. Playing is a sin because it goes against order, seriousness has to be prefered at all costs. Discordianism fights against this idea of negative-positive and prefers the destruction-creation one. And so it chooses creation at all costs. Hot-dog After throwing the golden apple, Eris joyously partook of a hot dog. Since, every Discordian has to do so every friday, though proscribing eating hot dog buns. Unless he wants to. Sacha Baron Cohen Maybe one of the best example of applied discordianism. When thanking a crowd of Americans for the extermination of the Iraqis in Borat or faking gay sex in the middle of a Middle West free fight tournament in Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen literally make the mind of his audience explode. By bringing to the center of attention what his so often left behind (war kills innocent, homosexuality exists), the way his victims read the world is changed. A wonderful Mindfuck operation. Operation Mindfuck Favorite sport of the Discordians. Developed by Kerry Thornley and Robert Anton Wilson in 1968, it manifest itself by a decentralized campaign of civil disobedience, activism, performance art, practical jokes, chaos magic and trolling. The aim is to force the victim to question his own vision of reality. This idea will be borrowed, among others, by the writer and poet Hakim Bey in his Temporary Autonomous Zone theory (Taz). The Merry Pranksters Formed around author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), the group ridged across the United States in 1964 on a school bus. Using psychedelic drugs and pranks, they were one of the biggest inspiration of the hippie movement. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe tells this adventure. The Yes Men Culture jamming activist duo created by Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos. Impersonating World Trade Organisation participants, they hold forth on the possibility to sell one’s vote, advocating slavery or recycling human waste in order to feed the poor. Two films documenting their work are available : The Yes Men and The Yes Men Fix the World. John Fitzgerald Kennedy In 1958, Kerry Thornley is summoned to active duty in the Marines Corps. He met there a soldier, Lee Harvey Oswald, and used it as a fictional character in a book published in 1962, a year before Oswald became the main suspect in the Kennedy’s assassination. Due to this coincidence, Thorney was called to testify before the Warren Commision, which work on JFK’s death. According to Thornley, he met in the Marine Corps two CIA agents who, during conversations, predicted Nixon’s accession to the presidency and the rise of the 60’s counterculture. With all these consistent informations, really hard to verify though, Thornley will became increasingly paranoid and distrutful. The Illuminati The Illuminati were first a german secret society, created in 1776, and influenced by the Age of Enlightenment. Just as freemasonry, it will make conspiracy theory flourish and Robert Anton Wilson will use them in his book Illuminatus! in wich they become a secret organisation, fought by Discordians, controling governments in the purpose of establishing a New World Order (NWO). Main symbol of their presence : the eye ornated pyramidion on the US dollar. Cthulhu Mythical creature whose aspect is a squid-like humanoïd, Cthulhu was imagined (or revealed, some say) to writer H. P. Lovecraft. Sleeping in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, in the city of R’lyeh, its popularity grew all the way during the XX° century (from South Park to Metallica) to reach a true cult among discordians, the Church of the Subgenius ou the Church of Satan of Anton Lavey. Cthulhu is beyond reason and reality, which makes him particularly interesting for discordians. But to try and meet him, is to risk losing all your mental health. Because magic is powerful, thus uncontrollable. Pastafarianism Mock religion created in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, physics graduate, in order to protest against the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in Kansas public school sciences classes. In an open letter, he modernises the Russel’s teapot analogy and profess his belief in a creator which looks like to a monster made of spaghetti and meatballs. And so he asks pastafarianism to be allotted equal time in science classrooms alongside intelligent design and evolution. Chaos Magick First formulated at the end of the 70s by english authors, Peter J. Carrol and Ray Sherwin (who had been inspired by Austin Osman Spare, ancien disciple of Aleister Crowley and his Thelema Church), Chaos Magic (or Magick) has many relations to discordianism. If the latter can be best describe has a way to free the mind, Chaos Magic focuses on the question of “What to do next ?”. It proposes two principal answers : “Pick what works and toss the rest” and “Nothing exist, everything is allowed”. By using several magic techniques (spells, incantations, sigils, etc) or transe (dance, drugs, etc), the adept focuses on a goal to accomplish. He will have to determine the most efficient way to do so. Chaos Magic had some popularity in the nineties and comics geniuses such as Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles) claim it for themselves. Church of the Subgenius Parodic church created in 1979, in Dallas. Born in undergound circles, the cult takes place especially on the Internet, with for instance Slackware, one of the oldest Linux-based operating system, which pay tribute to the church. Its followers devote themselves to Jr “Bob” Dobbs, considered to be the best salesman of all time, who talked to god through his homemade TV-set. The church has such famous members as comics writers Robert Crumb and Warren Ellis or bands like Devo and Gwar. Thelema Spiritual philosophy founded by writer and occultist Aleister Crowley at the beginning of the twentieth century. Based on the motto “Do what thou wilt”, inspired by the François Rabelais’s book Gargantua. Crowley claims that he took dictation from an entity during a wedding trip in Egypt. This combination of occult, eastern and western mysticism will greatly inspire discordianism. With much more humor. Mu The correct answer to a question based on false asumptions. To the question “Did you stop beating your wife”, answering “yes” means that you were doing it and “no” that you continue to do it. The correct answer is therefore “Mu”. This term, which means “none” in zen philosophy, is used in a Principia Discordia’s parabol, pun based on the similarity with “to moo”. Fnord Nonsensical term taken from the Principia Discordia and used by Robert Anton Wilson in the Illuminatus! trilogy. The word is scattered in the text of newspapers, books and magazines by the Illuminati in order to cause fear and anxiety and prevent rational consideration. To see the Fnords is to be able to read between the lines, like John Nada with his sunglasses in the John Carpenter’s movie They Live !. Pineal Gland A part of the brain allowing Discordians to communicate with Eris. Descartes called it the “principal seat of the soul” and, in yoga, it’s associated to Ajna chakra, or third eye. According to some scientific researches, this gland is able to produce Dimethyeltriptamine (DMT), a strong psychedelic compound. http://www.principiadiscordia.com/ Text available on : http://www.rawilson.com/bookstore.html The Illuminatus! trilogy : http://www.sjgames.com/illuminati/ The Illuminati card game : http://www.tryangle.fr/ http://centrifugue.fr/
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