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Serena Williams

No description

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Serena Williams

Thank You For Listening To Our Short Biography of Serena Williams.
Life Story
Serena Williams was born September 26,1981. She is currently 32 years old. She weighs 155 pounds, and is 5'9.
Life Story Part 2!
Serena Williams is a Libra. She has 4 siblings, one name is Venus, who is also a famous tennis player herself. Her parents are Oracene Price and Richard Williams.
Life Story pt.3
She attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauder dale.She is ranked number 1 in women's single tennis. The Women's Tennis Association has ranked her world No.1 in singles on 6 separate occasions.
Did you know
Serena is allergic to peanuts.
Serena is afraid of the dark.
Her favorite t.v. show is Golden Girls.
She and Venus are part owners of the Miami Dolphins.
Serena has been pro since the age of 14.
Her life
Women's Month
Who is she?

Serena Williams is her name.
She is a famous female African American professional tennis player who is currently ranked number 1 in the world. She also is the highest paid professional female athlete.
Serena Williams is famous for her great skills and achievements in tennis.
Won 4 gold medals in Olympics for women's tennis.
Lowest ranked player to defeat one of the top 10 best female tennis players.
Won first WTA title.
Wins first Grand Slam single title at U.S. opening.
Has her own fashion company, that's her name spelled backwards.
Awards: 2009 BET Award for female athlete of the year, Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year Award, ITF Woman's Single World Champion Award, Harris Poll Top 10 Fav Female Athlete Award, 2010 Laureus World Sports Woman of the Year Award and many more
Her last match was in 2011 and she was ranked with 2 titles and with a 22.3 record for the season.
Reason for Choosing This Person
We chose Serena Williams because she is a very famous female athlete and all 3 of us are into sports. We found it best to pick her because it was something we all had in common and it would've been great to learn more about one of the best female athletes there alive.
If we were to meet Serena Williams our first question for her would be what was her motive. The constant struggles she had to go through and how they brought her to the top of the world. "How did it fill when people doubted and didn't believe in you?" "Do you believe greatness is in all of us?" "Why is tennis your passion out of the dozens of professional sports?" We think that she is an example of greatness appealing to the world. Great work!
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