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Fungi Wing

Mushrooms, molds, and yeast are types of Fungi. They absorb their food and most are multicellular except yeast. Fungi form a fruiting body. They sprout from mycelium.

Juana Gomez

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Fungi Wing

Fungi Mushrooms,
mold. They absorb their food. Multicellular except for yeast. Fruiting body. they can be asexual or sexual. some can be
saprobes and
others are
parasites. phylum basidiomycato phylum zygomycota KINGDOM PLANTEA Moses
- thick carpet
-need water to reproduce Ferns
-seedless plant
-live in wet ereas Conifers
-do not require
water to fertilize Flower plants
-produce seeds
- ANIMAL KINGDOM PHYLUM CNIDARIAN -soft bodied;live un water
-radial symmetry;reproduce sexually and asexually PHYLUM PORIFERA -asemetric
-asexual/sexual PHYLUM PLATYHELMINTHES - thin, and bilalateral
- is the most
simplest PHYLUM NEMATODA -reproduce sexually
-live in land and water PHYLUM ANNELIDA -earthworms, leaches
-have a circulatory system
and vessels to cary blood. PHYLUM MOLLUSCA Slugs, snails, octopi,
clams, squids.
-soft bodied and
often have shell.
-invertebrates. PHYLUM ARTHROPODA breath through spiracles.
-have a heart
sexuall reproduction
happens internally and externally. PHYLUM CHORDATA - have a dorsal, hollow nerve cord
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