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The Chi'lin Purse

No description

Clara Benadon

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of The Chi'lin Purse

The Ch'i-lin Purse Main Conflict Point of View Diction Tone Setting When: Ancient China
Where: China, the town of Teng-chou
Impact: Ancient, Protagonist Person vs. Nature
This is external: She is trying to survive without a home after the flood. The Ch'i-Lin Purse 3rd Person Uses Chinese words mixed in. Formal, to the point:
Doesn't add her own perspective
Linda Fang
Fiction - Stories
127 pages Antagonist Hsueh Hsiang-ling
Traits: generous, giving
Flaw: at the beginning, very selfish
Objective: To have a happy marriage and survive the flood
Motivation: Her mother & her family The Flood
Traits: Destructive, dangerous
Flaw: Finishes after a period of time
Objective: To destroy things
Motivation: The course of nature Theme The main message is that kind actions are always repaid. Plot Structure Chronological - goes in order from where she gets married to when she lives with her friend. Hsiang-Ling is not talking,
the narrator is. Omniscient - the narrator
can see into everyone's head. Chi'lin: A legendary animal Hua-chiao: A transportation device used on
wedding days. Ta-hsi-jih-tzu: A big, happy day Li: A Chinese measurement system Teng-chou: A Chinese town Irony Situational Irony: She is wealthy and helps the poor. She becomes poor and the poor person she helps is wealthy. That person helps her. Alternate Ending I would have the Chi'lin purse be magical. The Chi'lin would come to life and stop the flood and reunite her with her family. Recommendation This book is 5 stars! I recommend it to people interested in mythology and people who like short stories. Younger kids (elementary) could read this because of not hard vocabulary.
Recommended to Mrs. Shellabarger!
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