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Mental Models/Mindsets

OI/361 Week 4

Susan King

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Mental Models/Mindsets

Mental Models/Mindsets AAA Transportation UNDER NEW
MANAGEMENT Bud "It's a bad
idea to
expand." "We're not
strong enough
to compete." Vernon Four Steps to Changing Mental Mindsets 1. Understand your mental models/mindsets; recognize the power and limits of the models. 2. Test new approaches; test the relevance of the mental models against changing environment and to generate new models. 3. Overcome inhibitors to change such as lack of information, lack of trust, desire to hold on to old patterns, and the expectations of the others. 4. Change your mental model/mindset; implement the model, assess the model and continuously strengthen the model. FORCES 5 5. Rewards/Incentives 3. Influence of others 2. Education 1. Genetics 4. Past experiences Mental Mindset Mental Mindset AAA Transportation PRODUCE I N F L U E N C E Susan King
March 11, 2013 Mental Models/Mindsets Techno-centric centered on technology and its ability to control and protect the environment Customer-centric centered on creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale Business-centric Personal-centric Innovative-centric (Brainmass, Inc., 2013). References Brainmass, Inc.. (2013). Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a competitive
advantage: Creativity for innovative decision making [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://brainmass.com/business/management/454122. re-engineering corporate business processes in order to take advantage of
new information technology Chestnut, D. (2013). Ehow money: What does business-centric mean?. Retrieved
from http://www.ehow.com/facts_6876717_business_centric-mean_.html centered on self centered on innovation and technology-led growth strategies that improve efficiency, productivity, and lowers costs OF forms a foundation that
molds our
world view broadly provide the fundamental
basis for who we are
& what we can do shape our genetic capabilities
by strengthening some and
weakening others actions shaped by
tangible & non-
tangible rewards received
for holding the mental model the philosophy of life and approach to problems
as influenced by family, friends, mentors, & experts Bud may also be being influenced by a customer-
centric mindset because of his fear of alienating
long-term customers and fear of losing the
mutual respect (intangible reward) that is
shared with existing companies
Vernon may be being influenced by a
customer-centric mindset because he fears
expanding out of their core business and losing customers. He is reluctant to change and unable to see the opportunity that expanding might allow AAA Transportation Overcoming inhibitors to
change such as lack of
information, lack of trust,
desire to hold on to old
patterns, and the
expectations of
the others is one
way to work
toward getting
Vernon and
Bud on board
with the
changes. Changing the mental
model/mindset of Vernon
and Bud by implementing
the model, assessing the
model and continuously
strengthening the model
may be another option
for getting the two of
them on board. Changing Mindsets How can I do
this better, more
efficiently, and
lower costs for my
company? innovative
chic How quickly
can I get this done
and still make
my supervisor
happy? Getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Finding new ways to get the job done. Wind, Y., Crook, C., & Gunther, R. (2005). The power of impossible thinking:
Transform the business of your life and the life of your business . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall/Pearson.
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