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TOK IA: Ethics in Reality TV

No description

Abby Kolodge

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of TOK IA: Ethics in Reality TV

By: Abby Kolodge and Elizabeth Phelps Ethics In Reality TV To what extent has the standard of ethics and what it means to be ethical changed throughout contemporary history? Knowledge issue: Reality Television Real Life Situation: Definitions: Reality TV was first introduced in 1948. Big Brother Toddlers and Tiaras Discussion Question: Jersey Shore Ethics: a system of moral principles.
Standard of Ethics: the level at which one expects society to be ethical.
Contemporary History: recent history, in which television has played a large role. The first reality show that became popular was Big Brother. Changes: Previously, people in the house were only given necessities; now people are given hot tubs, saunas and a stationed in fancy mansions. Ethical Implications of Toddlers and Tiaras Completely alters what the girls look like. Discussion Question: Teaches bad habits. Unethical, or ethical? Why? Rewards bad behavior. Unethical, or ethical? Why? Dresses young children in inappropriate clothing. Jersey Shore What has changed? People are rewarded for bad behavior.
Inappropriate shows are accessible to everyone.
Unhealthy habits and activities are glorified.
Shows are not realistic.
Provide bad role models and examples for young audiences.
Participants are mocked and made fun of. Being rewarded for bad behavior They are getting paid to drink (While people are searching for a job everyday and suffering). Using vulgar language. In Conclusion Promoting poor treatment of women. The standard of ethics has lowered considerably over the years.

Through the example of reality TV, what it means to be "Ethical" has changed. *Is easily accessible to all audiences. The End Benefits: Boosts self confidence.
Builds discipline.
Work ethic.
Pure enjoyment. Benefits: Builds close friendships.
Has launched careers of participants.
Has given insight into the Jersey Shore culture.
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