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courtship behaviour

courtship is whem a member of a species performs moves or sounds to attract the opositsex of the same species

charlie wood

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of courtship behaviour

Courtship courtships is sequence of visual, auditory or chemichal behaviour tht attracts the oposit sex of the same species. different species have diiferent ways of attracting the oposit sex. certain insects use chemechals or smells biger animals like birds tend to use visual and sound affects to attract attention. Manakin bird...
the manakin is a family of small birds that consits of upto 60 different species. they are the smallest birds in south america and range between 7 and 15 cm but are more commonly recognised by there spectacular courtship techniques. Red headed manakin... this specific manakin uses a spectacular danceas part of his courtship behaviour Courtship behaviour... Why is courtship important..? individuals need to reproduce to keep there species alive therfor courtship is crucial. it helps them to recognise there own species to ensure matting is creating the correct ofspring.
- identify a mate capable of breeding.
- form a pair bond - successful mating and raising of ofspring.
-synchronise mating- ensure best chance of sperm and egg meeting.
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