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Chemical Compounds

No description

Jillian Moore

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Chemical Compounds

Chemical Compounds
Jillian Moore
March 5th 2015

Titanium Dioxide
Pure Elements
The Elements that make up titanium dioxide are one atom of titanium and two elements of oxygen.
Titanium Uses:
Titanium is typically used for aerospace reasons including aircraft engines and frames. Titanium is non-corrosive, so it works well with implants into the body. Replacement hips and joints, as well as pins and other orthopedic implants are made of titanium. Finally, titanium is used as the metal in places where corrosion may occur like nuclear, oil, and chemical industries.
Oxygen Uses:
Oxygen is one of the most important elements in the world as it is the element that sustains life on earth. Since oxygen is so important for humans, oxygen therapy is often used in hospitals in order for patients to receive as much oxygen as needed in their blood. Oxygen makes up 22% of the air that we breathe and everything from fire to a new born puppy needs oxygen to survive. Oxygen is very reactive, so it often makes oxides such as carbon dioxide.
Titanium Dioxide
Uses for titanium dioxide:
There are many uses for titanium dioxide for it's ultra-violet-resistant properties and it's color. titanium dioxide is used in cosmetics and sunscreen for it's ability to absorb UV light that can sometimes be harmful to humans. Titanium Dioxide is also known to be used in white paint for it's bright-white pigment.
Sodium Cyanide
Pure Elements
The Elements that make up Sodium Cyanide are Sodium, Carbon, and Nitrogen.
Sodium Uses:
Sodium vapor is used in streetlights as it gives off a yellow glow. Sodium is most often used when it is a part of a compound.
Carbon Uses:
Carbon is also most commonly used in a compound, however there are some cases when it is used pure. Graphite is used in steel processing, pencil lead and lubricant. Diamonds are used for cutting and are highly desired commercially especially as jewelry.
Nitrogen Uses:
We use nitrogen in many things ranging from anesthetics to paintball gun chargers. Medically, nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic; nitrogen is also used to store biological specimens such as egg, sperm, and blood. Nitrogen is used in paintball gun power sources and has been used to fill aircraft and vehicle tires. Nitrogen has also been used in military aircraft fuel systems to prevent and fight fire hazards. Nitrogen is also used in steel production and in high-voltage equipment.
Sodium Cyanide Uses
Sodium Cyanide is most commonly used to extract gold and other precious minerals in mines. Sodium Cyanide is also used in producing nitrile, nylon, acrylic plastics, electroplating, metal processing, steel hardening, photographic applications and synthetic rubber.
In pharmaceuticals, the compound is used as the anticancer substance laetrile and the blood pressure–reducing drug nitroprusside. The compound is used in surgical dressings that are used to encourage healing and eliminate scarring.
Magnesium Chloride
Pure Elements
The pure elements that make up Magnesium Chloride are one atom of magnesium to two atoms of chlorine.
Uses for Magnesium:
It produces a white light that is used in flash photography, firework sparklers, and flares. magnesium ions are vital for all living things, so magnesium salt is added to fertilizers and food. Magnesium is a strong element and is added to car tires and is applied to boilers, ships, and ovens for it's insulation. Magnesium is vital for humans as it is in charge of hundreds of chemical reaction s in the body every day.
Uses for Chlorine:
Chlorine is most commonly used as an antiseptic and is added to pool water to keep it clean and drinking water to rid it of harmful chemicals and bacteria. In industry, chlorine is used to produce things such as paper products, plastics, dyes, textiles, medicines, antiseptics, insecticides, solvents and paints.
Uses for Magnesium Chloride
There are many uses for magnesium chloride including dust control, road stabilization, and ice control. In addition, magnesium chloride is used in fertilizer, mineral supplement for animals, wastewater treatment, wallboard, artificial seawater, feed supplement, textiles, paper, fireproofing agents, cements and refrigeration brine. The compound is also found in fire extinguishers, topical medical treatments and pills.
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