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Controllers-By Sophie Wintersgill

No description

H Johnston

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Controllers-By Sophie Wintersgill

Types of conrollers
Joy stick

Touch Screen


Keryboard and Mouse
Motion Sensing
A joypad are used for play stations, xbox's and lots more things . There ar lots of buttons on them that do different thigns depending on the game situation
Touch Screen
Touch screen is used for phones,tablets and lots of things. It allows you to click on things using your finger. You can text, go on games and search using google.
Image by Tom Mooring
Controllers-By Sophie Wintersgill
Joysticks where first used to control airplanes.Now they're used in most simulation games with only a stick and various buttons to interact with the game
Motion Sensing
Motion sensing is things like xbox kinect and the nintendo wii. It sensors your voice and movement,allowing you to play the game chosen(eg.dance,football)
Keyboard And
The keyboard and mouse can be used for computer games. The arrows to move around and certain letters can be used to do things that are involved in the game
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