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Zoos+Animals=Bad News By :Rachel Cholak

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Christi Atkins

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Zoos+Animals=Bad News By :Rachel Cholak

Zoos+Animals=Bad News
By:Rachel Cholak

The USDA found droppings everywhere. Garbage was everywhere. Animals where covered in poop. for example a tiger was found with poop from his front legs to his tail.
A bear was found sitting in her cave without putting her face in droppings. cages where covered in droppings. Some animals are not shaved or fed.
Many animals don't have the right homes. In HollyWild Zoo, The animals have broken cages, boards missing, etc.
This is a picture of a lion in it's cage
The health of the animals can effect the visitors' health and would cause them not to come back.Some animals where over weight or under weight. For example an elephant was found by the USDA underweight and almost dead.
A bear was found climbing it's cage because it was to small. Some animals had desieses.
I believe that zoos are bad places for animals .
Critics may say that zoos are good but they ate wrong.

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