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No description

sujan kumar reddy challa

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of SPEAK EXPENSE

Existing System
Proposed System
Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Application Design
Flow diagrams
Results & Interface Design
Conclusion & Future Scope
Speak Expense

Proposed System
Manage and store your expenses by touch and by voice
Enter your expenses in the database on your phone by speaking to it
Track your expenses on a daily, monthly and yearly basis
Track your expenses by store name
Add, Delete and Update your expenses using voice commands
Generate bar chart,line chart and pie chart of your expenses
Export your expenses from the database to a csv file
Automatically transfer the csv file to your desktop or tablet using Bluetooth by just pressing a button (called share)
Software Requirements
Windows xp/windows 7/mac
Android sdk
Eclipse/Android Studio
Android mobile with operating system of android 4.1 version or higher
Touch is a great feature of phones, tablets and even desktops. But, voice is an even greater feature, because, unlike touch, you don't have to look at your device or even hold it when you speak to it.
Speak Expense is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It is primarily a voice-based app with touch as a fall back feature. It interacts with you using voice.
Existing System
Expense management applications are touch based
Available as paid Applications
Presented By
Sujan kumar reddy challa

Committee Members
Dr. Beddhu Murali
Dr. Dia Ali
Dr. Wonryull koh

Hardware Requirements
Android Mobile
Screen size: Default (WVGA800).
Memory 128 MB RAM: 256 MB Flash External.
Storage Mini or Micro SD
Conclusion & Future Scope
The Speak Expense Application is developed using Android Studio meets the objectives of the System for which it has been developed.
It is very user Friendly and easy to use application.
The Future Scope of the Project is it can be further improved to search database for product names and notify the user with the offers available for better price than the user spent..

Application Design
Flow Diagrams
[1] Basic Android Tutorials, available at http://www.tutorialspoint.com/android

[2] Android Development Tutorials, available at http://www.developer.android.com

use case diagram
Database schema
Interface Design & Results
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