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Generation Gaps within Organizational

No description

Eva Wiley

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Generation Gaps within Organizational

Effects of Generation Gaps in Organizational Success

Problem Solving Steps
Organization-wide Problems
Team Problems
Generation X
Born between 1964 and 1980
The rotating of generations is a natural segment in an organization evolution in to the future.
Baby Boomers
Accommodate different learning styles.
Consider personal employee needs, such as flexibility with scheduling.
Don’t confuse character problems like immaturity or laziness with generational traits.
Be careful not to follow blanket stereotypes.
Educate the earlier generations
Along with teaching the latest generation all of the new technologies, also teach them the old ways of doing things
Have the new generations accept some of the old ways of doing things that are more beneficial to today’s work environment.
Generation X
Place younger workers into responsible roles to get more participation from them before they move on.
Educate younger workers in the nuances the history of the business and customers
Companies that are the most flexible have happier employees and less turnover as a result.
Lots of work experience
Have an obligated attitude
Having more overall life experiences
Are health and wellness aware
Are team orientation
Brings fresh perspective
Opinions of other Generations
Believes Millienials generation has a poor work ethic
Positive attitude
Thinks globally
Flexible hours
Opinions of other Generations
Independent thinkers
Thinks Baby Boomers are productive
Thinks Baby Boomers are socially conscious

Baby Boomers
Managers play a key role
Generation X

Baby Boomers
Not up to speed with latest technology
Feels younger generation should 'Pay their dues"
Generation X
Does not like to follow Chain of Command
Prefer email over face-to-face conversations
Baby Boomers
Unwilling to be mentors
Lack flexibility
Lacks mentors in the work place
Constantly on social media even while working
Needs prompt feedback
Employee Issues
Team Problems
Finding new jobs because of lack of working experience
Finding a mentor in the work place.
Need flexibility
Very diverse
Group in a technology based environment.
Great multitaskers
More intone culture and social shifts
Has confidence
High morality
Street smart
Heroic spirit
Opinions of other Generations
Be willing to work overtime
Thinks Baby Boomers are productive
Thinks Baby Boomers are socially conscious
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Baby Boomers
Born between 1946 to 1963
Acceptance of new technology
Harder to find new jobs because of older age
Acceptance of different races, sexism, and new ways of doing things
Does not respect the titles
Uncomfortable with conflict
Sensitive to feedback
Born after 1980
Employee Issues
Generation X
Loyalty to their profession, not to the job
Highly intone with social media
Great multi-taskers
Willing to listen to insight
Aware of new technologies that help with problem solving
Tech Savvy
Cross train
Just a job
Questions authority
Organization-Wide Problems
Barack Obama
Sandra Bullock
Robert Downey Jr
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lawrence
Anton Zaslavski

Russian-German electronic music producer and DJ
American actress
American actor
American actress
American actress
44th President of the United States
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