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Racism Through Time

No description

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Racism Through Time

Slavery Through Time
Caveman Era
women in the caveman era were almost like slaves, only we're there to cook the meat brought back, do they farm work while the men were out, and to take care of the children
In Egypt people were used as slaves to build the pyrmids and other buildings for the pharaohs
In Poland we see for the first time the ban of slavery but as we see in the future and throughout time we never see the end of slavery or racism as we will later see in the United States like we read in MLK's speech.
Slavery in Ireland was more like making people believe in the religion that you believed in, and as we see as we read about Columbus and how people believe that the Irish monk was the first to find the new world. And he was sent there to spread religion and make people believe in his god
Slavery started in the USA or New world right when Columbus stepped off the ship when he meet the Indians doing cruel things as we read and taking them on his ship held hostage to show the king and queen
Slavery continues in the United States especially during the civil war when African American man were used during the war
Slavery was huge during the 50's and 60's were we see one of the greatest people to fight for the rights of everybody in MLK Fought for the rights of people and gave one of the greatest speeches of all time in "I have a Dream"
Ancient Greece
It is said that almost everybody in ancient Greece owned atleast one slave and was almost necessary to own a slave and when Rome expanded through they towns they took over they gained those people that lived their as slaves
Middle Ages
And Slavery just keeps going through time and we don't stop in Rome it keeps on going into the middle ages and is caused mostly through war. And like we read in class the Vikings took a lot of slaves through raids and even took them on the ships to the new world
Slavery in Germany was highly due to the Holocaust and how they made Jewish people live in camps because of their beliefs
When the railway was being built we saw the people working were pretty much slaves to the company used to build and most of them were from China
Slavery continues in the United States but as we have not seen before through Children, especially through the Industrial revolution were some kids worked from 6 in the morning till 8 at night.
Slavery continues on as we see the past return as we used slaves yet again in another war, during WW2 were African Americans were sent in first to check things out not knowing what could happen
After MLK helped get slavery down and we lose discrimanation against people we see slavery of different kinds in the United States. Like how farmers are being told by the government to grow corn because its such a huge part of the food system of the united states.
We see slavery throughout history since the beginning of time. Through time we see that even as some countries get ride of it, it pops right up in other places. Even in the United States through this day we still see some type of discrimination and some kind of slavery. Through sports were some men are discriminated against for being gay, or African American athletes being hazed for the color of their skin. It's sad to see that through history we've seen sad situations like the Holocaust and the horrible situations that those people went through because of their religion. Hopefully in the future we will see a change in discrimination and see an end to slavery all together but as history taught us it will always be repeated.
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