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The Man To Send Rain Clouds

English-Short Story Project

Rebecca Wanamaker

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of The Man To Send Rain Clouds

THE MAN TO SEND RAIN CLOUDS By: Leslie Marmon Silko EXPOSITION- In the begging of the story the author states that Teofilo is lying dead underneath the cottonwood tree. The setting of this scene is in the corn field. The characters that are observing Teofilo lying there is Leon and Ken, his grandsons. RISING ACTION- When the priest drives by and asks Leon and Ken to go check on Teofilo and for them to bring him to church on Sunday. This is an important even because Leon and Ken know Teofilo is already dead and they haven't told the priest about it yet. CLIMAX- When Ken drops of Leon at the priest's house, Leon knocks and the preist invites him in. Leon asks the priest to bring his holy water to the graveyard. The priest is so mad he rejects helping them, but he then overcomes his madness and helps sprinkle the water on Teofilo. FALLING ACTION- This is the part where the author shows you imagery. He tells us that the priest doesn't feel as if Teofilo is dead and that he thinks it's an Indian trick they do in March. This is a sad part because you can feel the emotions the priest had for Teofilo. RESOLUTION- In the end of the story it tells you how Leon watches the priest walk away. You feel like you are there and you know what the priest is feeling. I feel bad for both Leon and the priest because they both lost a good friend and grandfather. You can tell that Leon feels bad for not letting the priest know sooner. The priest thinks that Teofilo is still alive at first. When he finds out he is really dead, he is defistated. "The priest sank dwon into the green chair and picked up a glossy missonary magazine." (Silko269) The priest sees Teofilo's body lying in the ground and can't believe that he is dead. He thinks it is just a trick they do but relizes Teofilo is actually dead. "..wondering if it wasn't some perverse Indian trick-something they did in March to ensure a good harvest.." (Silko296) The priest hears that Teofilo is dead and doesn't know why Leon didn't tell him earlier. "Why didn't you tell me he was dead?" (Priest296) *THE PRIEST The priest says that will poor the holy water on Teofilo's body. "His fingers were stiff and it took him a long time to twist the lid off the holy water." (Stilko296) The priest loved Teofilo as a friend. "Teofilo is a really old man.you really shouldn't allow him to stay at the sheep camp alone." (Priest293) The priest creates love for Leon because he knows they both had lost someone important. "I hope I'll be seeing you at Mass this week-we missed you last Sunday. See if you can get old Teofilo to come with you." The priest has been to Teofilo's grave site. "The priest approached the grave slowly.." (Silko296) At the end of the day, the priest heads home. "Leon watched him climb the hill, and when he had dissappeared within the tall, thick walls, Leon turned to look up at the high blue mountains in the deep snow that reflected a faint red light from the west." (Silko297) Thematic Statement- Be thankful for who you have in your life because you never know what could happen to them. "Thank God for that." (Priest293) "About the priest sprinkling holy water for Grandpa. So he won't be thirsty." (Louise294) "Before they wrapped the old man, Leon took a piece of string out of his pocket and tied a small gray feather in the old man's long white hair." (Silko293) Forshadowing-
"They Found him under a big cottonwood tree."(Silko293)
"He had been dead for a day or more.."(Silko293)
"Leon waited under the tree while Ken drove the truck.."(Silko293)
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