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IB Learner Profile

By: Greeshma C., Rahul G., Saumya G., and Abhijay K.

Saumya Gupta

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of IB Learner Profile

Greeshma C.
Rahul G.
Abhijay K.
Saumya G.

The IB Learner Profile
To have balance is to be able to hurdle over any obstacle protruding out of the bumpy road of life. One's life would not surround a single focus, rather everything entailed as a whole. When all of these facets are harmonious with each other, it creates mental stability.
Risk-takers must have the courage to step outside of the box and express themselves.

Psychologists must be risk-takers and probe into deeper and more controversial questions.
Reflective individuals can look at a situation, and decipher the positives and the negatives, in order to derive a desired result.
An inquirer is one who seeks knowledge and answers to expand their comprehension of a subject. This is attained through meticulous probing, inductive reasoning and scrupulous investigations.
Caring individuals are genuinely interested in what someone has to say or express. It is very important to them what occurs, how it occurs and why it occurs. These people are willing to go into depth in order to find the rationale behind a certain behavior.
To have morals and rules that you live by in order to stay disciplined.

Psychologists use these principles or guidelines to know far they can push their patients as well as know the extent of their limits and comfort zones, in order to create the desired effect.
A thinker is usually someone who is analytical and intuitive in certain scenarios.

Psychologists create a plethora of useful questions for their patients to answer, as well as brainstorm ideas for helping their patients' problems.
Communicators are people who ask questions and try to let the other person know what they are feeling. Communicators also try to help the other person understand what is being taught using various methods.
This star is called BRICCKOTeRP!
O-pen minded
e-nothing :)
R-isk taker
To be knowledgeable means to be well informed and have an understanding of the things around you.

Psychologists use this to their advantage with the years of experience and facts taught to them over the duration of their life. They use this knowledge to help their patients.
Means to be acceptable of ones' opinions and how they express themselves and can possibly lead to learning something new, as well as keeping an open mind to whatever walks through.

Psychologists need this quality to be tolerant of their patients viewpoints and be able to understand what they mean in order to help them cope with issues.
Psychology and the IB Learner Profile are immensely connected through the examples shown. The IB Learner Profile shows us that the 10 goals that we should strive for as they will be with us throughout many different aspects of our life. By understanding the basic recipe to a successful IB student, we will be able to utilize our surroundings and in short, change the world!
Thanks for Watching!
Psychologists and IB Learners must be balanced because having any biases would inflict poorly on their performance.
For example, Gibson and Walk conducted the "Visual Cliff" experiment. As stated in their results, a confounding variable was prior knowledge attained by the human infants. These toddlers could have attained some idea of depth perception in the six months of their existence, heavily and negatively skewing the results of the experiment. Psychologists must be reflective in order to realize whether or not their experiments are biased.
For example, Sigmund Freud conducted many experiments, and eventually created some theories to explain the mind's reaction to anxiety. The mind naturally seeks balance by sending out defense mechanisms to ward off the anxiety reaction. Psychologists can utilize this knowledge to their advantage to help heal a patient by calming their anxiety or exasperation, stabilizing their psyche (Ego, Id, Superego).
Defense Mechanism Rays
Self-created Anxiety Bubbles
President Obama is a balanced individual as he does not only base his political decisions on his own point of view but also the perspectives of Congress, the Supreme Court and the American people.
To be a reflective psychologist means to look back at conducted experiments and see the positive outcomes, such as theories, and the negative outcomes, such as confounding variables.
In "The Lion King", Simba had to reflect on how he viewed his life. Due to what he was told by his uncle Scar, his was a disappointment to the kingdom. He had to refresh and start all over. Simba acquired this new lifestyle through the teachings of Timon and Pumba. Their motto was: Hakuna Matata. This means "No Worries".
Visual Cliff
Psychologists ask questions relating to topic or issue in order to elaborates their knowledge on the subject. When a psychologist is missing key information, he or she will probe deeper. Asking supplementary questions explicates their understanding, providing the psychologist with more options toward a potential solution.
“It is nothing short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.” ~Albert Einstein
In 1911, Einstein asks himself the question, "Why is the sky blue?" This one question has changed the way people think, and has also given scientists a larger knowledge on light particles, opening the door for more inquirers.
Psychologists have to be able to express empathy to their patients in order to help them cope with their problems. Psychologists have to also care about what they are experimenting with. This means that it is essential that they do their research and they are proactive and ready to perform their experiment.
Solomon Asch performed experiments to learn the truth about obedience and peer pressure. As a psychologist, acquiring this knowledge was imperative. According to his results, an individual will easily alter their choices and decisions (even if obvious) if exposed to external influences. Due to his inquire-based pursuits, scientists and people alike are benefited because of this, which is why inquirers have the potential to change society and the world.
In Psychology, being a communicator is very important because you have to completely trust psychologists and let go of your emotions. You have to communicate with psychologists so they have a better understanding of your thought process.
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