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Juliette Guzman

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Is GYMNASTICS A SPORT?

By: Mackenzie Gainer & Juliette Guzman.

What is gymnastics?
Is gymnastics a sport?. (n.d.). is gymnastics a sport?. Retrieved from http://www.debate.org/opinions/is-gymnastics-a-sport
Juliette's Opinion
Gymnastics is a sport because it's very competitive. You need to be strong and fit.
Mackenzie's Opinion
I think Gymnastics is a sport because you work as a team. If it wasn't a sport why would it be in the olympics? It takes concentration,coordination,talent,balance and a lot of capability.
Why do people think gymnastics is a sport?
Many people believe it is a sport because it is in the olympics.And it is known as one of the most challenging sports out there.
The History of Gymnastics!
Why do people think gymnastics isn't a sport.
They think gymnastics is an activity that you can do at your own time. They think if it doesn't have a ball as in soccer or football it isn't a sport.

-Gymnastics is a sport(in which some people believe) which the athletes are called gymnasts.
-In gymnastics you do many acrobatic things such as flips,leaps,turns and handstands but not only on the floor also on and off the bars, beams and the horse. ( vault )
-Gymnastics has been around for over 2000 years,but as a competitive sport it is a little over 100 years.
-In the 1830s gymnastics was introduced to the U.S.A.
-the first women's gymnastics instruction in the U.S.A was performed at Mount Holyoke college in 1862.
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