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No description

Vasarhelyi Gabriella

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of CV2

Hi there,
This is my Curriculum Vitae I'd like to introduce myself My name is Gabi ThatS me I sometimes work as an actress But I'M not just an actress I'm also a literature teacher
drama teacher playreader
film editor
photographer waitress
au-pair So how come I do so much stuff? Let's start at the beginning... Studied at Szent László Gimnázium, Budapest Biology and Chemistry faculty I got engaged with Arts here After graduating High School I took a year off And I went to Australia To Sydney After Australia I started university at Szeged Studied Hungarian Literature and language Theater Arts and Science Then I did an acting school... At Nemes Nagy Ágnes Human Trade School, Budapest ...and I received a drama teacher certificate as well In the meantime Worked for Duna Tv and Mikroszinkron Kft. as FILM TRANSLATOR Played roles: W. Shakespeare: Twelfth night or what you will (Maria) directed by Eszter Parragi and at Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney References Dudaktan Kalbe - Turkish soap opera (150 x 42 minutes)
Incantesimo - Italian soap opera (36 x 30 minutes)
Suburban Police - Italian series (8 x 50 minutes)
Fuga per la liberta – L’ aviatore - Italian filmdrama (113 minutes)
Il generale Dalla Chiesa - Italian film (198 minutes)
In Search of the Javanese Eagle - English documentary (49 minutes)
Herculaneum - Italian documentary SZTE BTK Top Girls (Johanna) directed by Miklós Tóth One Love's three night directed by Éva Naszlady The Sun Goddess's grandchildren (Calamari) directed by Eszter Gyevi Biró
Brien Friel: Dancing at Lughnasa (Rosie) directed by Éva Naszlady Drog-eria directed by György Honti Language skills English - fluent Italian- intermediate Social skills I'm also good at Adobe products Microsoft products Social media My films Survival practices This shortfilm has been awarded "The best idea" prize by the Jury of the 2007 ARC competition - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw_Fit_9on8&feature=plcp Festival videos for Youth Days at Szeged Gabriel Dettre: Antigone
(digital-art designer)

'Antigone' has been awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Jury of Television Films at the 42nd Hungarian Film Week. Stories on the Panel Third place on the 5th Sustainable Future competition For more works please visit my blog http://solitarysaffron.blogspot.hu/ my Contact me
email: gabivasarhely@gmail.com phone: +36303938886 address: 1157 Budapest Nyírpalota út 65 9/56 So, who am I? Thank you for watching! Energy Neighbourhood International Film Contest An ordinary night in Electricity We have been selected in the international film competition with our short film, and we achieved the 2nd place from 16 countries' best films. Other links:
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