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Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

No description

KJ Eyre

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership
Mastery Journey
Thank you!
Brainstorming and Research Framework
Last week's assignment was beneficial and a great starting point for my journey. It definitely forced me to seriously look at all of the components required for my career goals.
Reflecting on the courses ahead was a reminder of how excited I am to be learning all about creative writing. The research on my mastery field was experiential and eye-opening. It allowed me to look at the reality of the situation, that I want a career in creative writing and it is up to me to find my path.
The Art of Visual Storytelling
Goal: Gain an understanding of the classic approach as well as new and innovative styles to visual storytelling.

- Learn about and attempt to mimic classic tactics in visual storytelling.
- Learn about innovative approaches in visual storytelling and brainstorm some ideas on how to create my own style.
- Find a way to use emotions and core values to draw in the audience in visual storytelling.

Lynda.com video- "Using Storytelling to Determine Core Values": http://www.lynda.com/Design-Design-Business-tutorials/Developing-Ideas-Design-Concepts/126121-2.html
Overall Goal
My overall goal is to discover which realm of writing pulls me in the most. After exposure to various formats of writing, I will be able to test my abilities. Then, I can make the decision of which field to pursue. Once I find my strengths in a particular field, I want to expand on it and start gaining knowledge and experience.
Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership
Goal: To grasp the concept of Mastery in order to prepare for the journey ahead of me.

- Attend all go-to sessions, turn in all assignments, and interact in all discussions to get insight on concepts and resources that I will use in the future.
- Try to understand my learning process and other learning strategies so that I can apply it all to achieving my goals.
- Analyze the life and career of Master's in my field to compare my own goals and possibilities.

Lynda.com video- "Exploring the Growth Mindset": http://www.lynda.com/Education-Higher-Education-tutorials/Neuroscience-Learning/188434-2.html
Goal: Learn about the basics of script writing, such as style, structure and format.

- Try several different styles of writing to see which I prefer.
- Subject my writing to others to learn from their criticism and analysis.
- Try several different writing formats and develop my own writing process.

Lynda.com video- "The Writing Process": http://www.lynda.com/Video-Filmmaking-tutorials/2011-sbiff-writers-panel-it-starts-with-the-script/79039-2.html
Script Analysis and Criticism
Goal: Learn how to strengthen my characters so I can develop character driven stories.

- Learn about the purpose of every character in a story.
- Learn about the significant purpose of main characters in a story.
- Try to develop different characters with different desires and find my own process for creating characters.

Lynda.com video- "Your Character's Desires": http://www.lynda.com/Screenwriting-tutorials/Screenwriting-Fundamentals/100223-2.html
Character Creation and Development
Goal: Learn about the basic concepts and structures of episodic and serial writing.

- Map the basic structure of writing for an episode, season, and series.
- Compare different formats such as television and webisodes by analyzing current hits.
-Attempt to write my own episode or an episode to mimic a current series.

Lynda.com video- "Television and Episodic": http://www.lynda.com/Video-Video-Editing-tutorials/Foundations-Video-Art-Editing/120261-2.html
Episodic and Serial Writing
Goal: Grasp the basic concepts and formats in purposeful writing for screenplays.

- Take studious notes on the information introduced about screenwriting.
- Compare the structure of a few screenplays to analyze key components in each.
- Write a beginner's screenplay to compare to some of the greats, so I can see what I am missing and what I can improve on.

Lynda.com video- "Screenwriting Fundamentals": http://www.lynda.com/Screenwriting-tutorials/Screenwriting-Fundamentals/100223-2.html
Film Screenwriting
Goal: Develop a sense of what it would take to write a successful story for animation and how it differs from other formats.

- Learn about the basics of storytelling and storyboarding for animation.
- Experiment with different programs to use animation to portray emotions and human expressions.
- Analyze and compare the storytelling and storyboards of top movies and companies in animation.

Lynda.com video- "Fundamentals of Character Animation: Facial Animation and Dialogue": http://www.lynda.com/3D-Animation-Animation-tutorials/Fundamentals-Character-Animation-Facial-Animation-Dialogue/166515-2.html
Storytelling and Storyboarding for Animation
Editing for Film, Game, and Animation Scripts
Goal: Develop an understanding and technique for editing all formats of scripts.

- Learn the basic concepts and strategies in script editing.
- Try different approaches to develop my own process in editing.
- Try different programs and editing software to find which ones I prefer.

Lynda.com video- "Editing Scripts": http://www.lynda.com/Story-tutorials/Up-Running-Story/108978-2.html
Creative Writing Portfolio I
Goal: Develop a professional and inspired script to present to my peers and faculty.

- Try writing my script in several formats to see which one is most effective and alluring.
- Utilize classmates, mentors, and even friends to critique my script before I turn it in for the assignment.
- Re-write and re-draft the script until I am ready to turn it in for peer and faculty review.

Lynda.com video- "2011 SBIFF Women's Panel: Creative Forces: Women in the Business": http://www.lynda.com/Video-Filmmaking-tutorials/2011-sbiff-womens-panel-creative-women-in-the-business/79040-2.html
Creative Writing Portfolio II
Goal: Take advantage of peer and faculty critiques, so that I can produce a quality product for potential employers and the business market.

- Re-write my script and have it peer reviewed again, and again until it is ready for finalization.
- Develop a personal marketing approach to present my script to faculty for graduation and to potential employers.
- Re-visit my goals and inspiration boards to get the final push in graduation and completing my script.

Lynda.com video- "Competitive Strategy Fundamentals": http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Competitive-Strategy-Fundamentals/182403-2.html
The Business of Creative Writing
Goal: Learn about the business world or creative writing and pinpoint what I want to do within this world.

- Analyze the potential fields I want to pursue and what it will take to be successful.
- Find potential employers and develop a plan to promote myself and my work to these companies.
- Analyze different companies to decide what traits I desire in a future employer.

Lynda.com video- "The Pixar Creative Process": http://www.lynda.com/Video-Filmmaking-tutorials/2011-sbiff-producers-panel-movers-and-shakers/79041-2.html
Writing For Games
Goal: Develop a storyline for a game using the information I have learned.

- Learn about the basic structure and format for game writing.
- Analyze current hit games to learn from the game's storyline and structure.
- Challenge myself to try and write a storyline for a game with the goal of comparing it to successful games in order to learn and improve on my personal style,"learning based".

Lynda.com video- "Gamification of Learning": http://www.lynda.com/Education-Higher-Education-tutorials/Gamification-Learning/173211-2.html
Clubs, Companies, Organization, Innovation
Full Sail Involvement
"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."

- Sir Edmund Hillary
6 Industry Leaders
Characteristics of a Mentor
Darla Anderson- Producer at Pixar Animation Studios
Contact Information: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/darla-anderson/7/527/988

Mark Walsh- Director/Animator at Pixar Animation Studios
Contact Information: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-a-walsh/a/4a1/57

Brian Bendis- Writer/Architect at Marvel
Contact Information: brianmichaelbendis.tumblr.com

Jonathan Hickman- Writer/Architect at Marvel
Contact Information: https://twitter.com/jhickman

Shonda Rhimes- Writer/Director/Producer
Contact Information: https://twitter.com/shondarhimes

JJ Abrams- Writer/Director/Producer
Contact Information: https://twitter.com/bad_robot

Finding personal information on some of the industry leaders proved to be nearly impossible. Contact information is not listed at the major companies these writers work for. I was able to contact one, Mark Walsh, on LinkedIn. So, it gave me hope that reaching out through social media and similar sites could still result in a connection and some form of communication.

I plan to join several writing organizations to gain connections and collaborative knowledge through online communities. A few examples would be:

- The International Women’s Guild
- National Association of Writers
- Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association of America
- Horror Writing Association
- Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
- Romance Writers of America

I have already joined several clubs through Full Sail and social media accounts. I plan to continue to seek others as well as possibly start up my own group with my classmates. I will branch out more with the groups I join, as I learn more about the different writing formats. Some of the groups I am already a part of are:

- Creative Writing Club
- Creative Writing Master's of Fine Arts
- Full Sail Creative Writing Group on Facebook
A mentor is important in my journey. I am so inexperienced in my field and to be honest my goals are vague until I learn more about the creative writing world. So, some of the key characteristics I look for in a mentor are:

-Honesty - Humor - Kindness
-Humility - An appreciation for Humanity
-Patience - Motivating - Inspiration
-Enthusiasm - Understanding - Respectful
My Mastery Journey is really just beginning. Mapping it all out really has helped me focus on what I need to do in order to achieve my goals. I know I am passionate and eager to learn and grow as a writer. What this timeline has taught me is that I am new to the world and business of creative writing. With everything I learn, there is that much more work to be done if I want to use that knowledge to create something and share it with the world. I will need a mentor, I will need connections, and I will definitely need to experience all that I can to improve the knowledge I gain. Finally, I cannot lose my flexibility and childlike mindset in dreaming about what I can do with it all.
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