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Organ Donation Survey

Brief comments about a 20 person, 3 question survey I did about the subject of organ donation.

Michaela Arndt

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Organ Donation Survey

Organ Donation Survey By Michaela Arndt Via Facebook, I asked only 20 people 3 short questions about organ donation. The questions were as follows:

1. What do you know about organ donation?
2. Are you registered as an organ donor on your driver's license?
3. Have you or anyone you know donated or recieved an organ? I'm going to briefly summarize the results I got. The first question was to see how much people know, or think they know about the subject. The gist of the answers I got were that they knew that when you die, your viable organs will be given to those who need them. Although this is true, organ donation is much more than that. Of everyone that responded, I think Hilliard Sumner worded it best. He is the husband of the woman who recieved my brother's kidney, Alex. What he said was this: "Organ donation is God's way of giving a gift to two families who are experiencing two different kinds of pain and grief. One family's gift is the selfless donation to give someone else life through their loss. The other family is blessed by the miracle of that donation and lives to appreciate the blessing they've been given. DONATE LIFE!" With that, I'm going to show you a video. This was filmed on Friday, when Cheryl Tan was kind enough to come in and prepare a video segment for Fox 43 and Wavy TV 10. As you can see, organ donation as always hit home for me. My number one goal in doing that segment was to improve the awareness of the benefits of organ donation. Of the people I surveyed, 75% of them were organ donors. All of the ones who weren't seemed to be the ones who admitted to knowing very little about the subject. Nobody showed any signs of disapproval of organ donation, which is great. Some people seemed to be a little wary of the myths, which I soon after followed up with the true facts about these matters. 60% of the people I surveyed said they know someone who has donated or recieved an organ. This was actually fairly surprising to me, but I'm glad that it was successful to their families, or the families of the people they knew. During this project, I learned even more than I could have imagined. I never knew how controversial a topic this was, but I'm very satisfied with the ways I've been able to spread the word. I am even more encouraged now to get as many people as possible to want this as well. Organ donation can be a beautiful thing, and if you are ever able to see results for yourself you will have a better grasp of it. I can only hope that this has made an impact on you as well. Please consider being an organ donor when the time comes, because YOU can give a second chance to another. Like my dad has always said, From the gift of life, comes the gift of love.
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