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EU institutes

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courtney foxwell

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of EU institutes

EU institutes
by Courtney and Nia
what is the european union?

the european union consists of 28 within europe however not every single country in europe is part of the eu. the eu was founded by three main countries which are france, germany and belguim. it was founded five years after world war 2 ended and the aim of it was to ensure those countries never went to war with each other again. 7 years after the eu was formed a treaty was signed in rome was the european economic community which is the foundation of todays european union. the eu is made up of four main institutes which are the
council of members, the commission,
the european parliament and the european court of justice.

the council of ministers
every governement of each nation in the eu sends a representative to the council the foreign minister is usually a country's main representative however any ministers can attend coucils meetings. twice a year these meetings are held to discuss the important issues. our prime minister attends these meetings. for really important decisions all the ministers must be in agreement but other decisions can be made by a majority vote. it is located in brussels- belgium. Each EU country holds the presidency on a 6-month rotating basis. the people that work here are called ministers. they are the elected government of each member state. they can continue working in the council of the european union as lonG AS THEY ARE STILL IN GOVERNMENT IN THEIR MEMBER STATE. THE TWO MAIN ROLE OF THIS INSTITUTE IS TO CREATE LAWS AND TO DECIDE MATTERS RELATING TO THE RUNNING OF THE EU. THIS INSTITUTE REPRESENTS INDIVIDUAL MEMBER STATES. there are 28 of them.

the commission
The members of the European Parliament are elected by the citizens of each nation within the EU. It is located in Brussels and Strasbourg. The people who work their are called members of the European parliament (MEPs) There are 751 MEPs overall and they can stay in the institute for 5 years. Their main role is to discuss and vote on laws proposed and created by the commission and the council and to vote on the proposed budget. They represent all of the people within the European Union.
The European Parliament
The commission is located in Brussels. The people who work in the commission are called commissioners and there are 28 of them. They are selected by their member state and they can stay in the institute for 5 years. Their main roles are to propose laws, make sure all states follow the EU laws and control the budget. The institute represents the European Union
European Court of Justice
The court of the justice of the European Union is in luxembourg. The people who work in the institute are judges. There are 28 of them and they are selected from the top judges in each member state. They can stay in the institute for 6 years but can be re-selected. Their main roles is to make sure that all member states are following EU laws and passing judgement on countries that do not. The institute represents the European Union law.
the emblem of the court of justice of the European Union.
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