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ECU Project

No description

T Swain

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of ECU Project

Joe Alley #57 Outside Linebacker
Breon Allen #25 Running Back
Detric Allen #4 Defensive Back
DaShawn Amos #39 Defensive Back
Devine Anderson Redshirt Running Back
Randall Anderson #90 Defensive End
Steve Baggett #86 Tight End
Demage Bailey #97 Defensive Line
Des Barmore #64 Offensive Line
DaQuan Barnes #82 Outside Receiver
Jetton Beavers #47 Outside Linebacker
Kurt Benkert #6 Quarterback
DaShawn Benton #6 Defensive Back
Zeek Bigger #44 Inside Linebacker
Terry Biles #95 Defensive End
Brandon Bishop #15 Outside Receiver
Yiannis Bowden #46 Outside Linebacker
J.T. Boyd #65 Offensive Line
Desi Brown #23 Inside Linebacker
Trevon Brown #88 Outside Receiver
Devaris Brunson #34 Inside Linebacker
Curtis Burston #19 Outside Receiver
Shane Carden #5 Quarterback
Joe Carter #30 Inside Linebacker
Charlie Coggins #60 Deep Snapper
Jason Connella Redshirt Quarterback
Kirk Donaldson #52 Outside Linebacker
Darren Dowdell #81 Tight End
Dwayne Duckett #89 Outside Receiver
Kyle Erickson #70 Offensive Line
Alex Evans #98 Defensive End
Drayvon Fairley #43 Inside Linebacker
Maurice Falls #48 Outside Linebacker
Will Foxx #67 Offensive Line
Bobby Fulp #35 Defensive Back
Blake Gatling #75 Offensive Line
Jake Geary #45 Outside Linebacker
Malik Gray #4 Outside Receiver
Davon Grayson #85 Outside Receiver
Marquez Grayson #27 Running Back
Pat Green #13 Outside Linebacker
Terrell Green #87 Outside Receiver
Worth Gregory #40 Punter
Chris Hairston #22 Running Back
Justin Hardy #2 Inside Receiver
Ike Harris #69 Offensive Line
Warren Harvey #14 Placekicker
Josh Hawkins #28 Defensive Back
Travain Hicks #30 Defensive Back
Stewart Hinson #76 Offensive Line
K’Hadree Hooker #9 Defensive Line
Taylor Hudson #74 Offensive Line
Beau Huffman #87 Tight End
Cory Hunter #26 Running Back
Lamar Ivey #7 Defensive Back
Shaun James #50 Defensive Line
Quay Johnson #20 Inside Receiver
Isaiah Jones #7 Inside Receiver
Cody Keith #12 Quarterback
David Kelcy Redshirt Outside Receiver
Blake Kemp #10 Quarterback
Isaiah King #58 Defensive Line

Domonique Lennon #31 Defensive Back
Erik Lenzen #66 Offensive Line
Dontae Levingston #71 Offensive Line
Chris Love #23 Running Back/Inside Receiver
Christian Matau #72 Offensive Line
Garrett McGhin #56 Offensive Line
Demetri McGill #56 Nose Tackle/Defensive End
Quincy McKinney #72 Offensive Line
Jacen Murphy #82 Inside Receiver
Mike Myers #92 Nose Tackle
Blake Norwood #5 Defensive Back
Colton Oliver #61 Deep Snapper
Montese Overton #51 Outside Linebacker
Travis Phillips #14 Defensive Back
Cole Pickard #53 Inside Linebacker
Davis Plowman #38 Placekicker/Punter
Dayon Pratt #1 Outside Linebacker
Fred Presley #99 Defensive End/Nose Tackle
Cody Purdie #12 Defensive Back
Messiah Rice #78 Offensive Tackle
Terrell Richardson #22 Defensive Back
Tre Robertson #68 Offensive Line
Greg Robinson #35 Defensive Back
Chrishon Rose #93 Nose Tackle/Defensive End
Anthony Russo Redshirt Outside Receiver
Rocco Scarfone #10 Defensive Back
Anthony Scott #3 Running Back
Marquise Sherrod-Ponds Redshirt Running Back
Christian Simmons #32 Defensive Back
Travon Simmons #3 Defensive Back
Brandon Smith #62 Offensive Line
Ray Smith Redshirt Quarterback
Xavier Smith #2 Defensive Back
Reece Speight #59 Outside Linebacker
Davonte’ Spruill #41 Inside Linebacker
Jim Squatriglia #37 Punter
Jonathan Stanley #34 Inside Receiver
Terrell Stanley #66 Defensive End/Nose Tackle
C.J. Struyk #50 Offensive Line/Deep Snapper
Austin Teague #20 Defensive Back
Cedric Thompson #8 Inside Receiver
David Thompson #19 Defensive Back
Jamal Tillman #24 Running Back
Ray Tillman #21 Inside Linebacker
Connor Torruella Redshirt Placekicker
Drew Turnage #33 Defensive Back
Masaddiq Walton #49 Outside Linebacker
Jonathon Weymann #13 Quarterback
Cameron White #55 Inside Linebacker
Jonathon White #94 Defensive End
Brandon Williams #24 Inside Linebacker
Bryce Williams #80 Inside Receiver/Tight End
Jimmy Williams #81 Inside Receiver
Jordan WIlliams #42 Inside Linebacker
Larry Williams #55 Offensive Line
Shawn Williams Redshirt Placekicker
Terry Williams #54 Nose Tackle
Markle Winters #91 Outside Linebacker/Defensive Line
Cam Worthy #9 Outside Receiver
2014 Roster
2014 Schedule

Aug. 30 - North Carolina Central 52-7 Win
Sept. 6 - at South Carolina 23-33 Lose
Sept. 13 - at Virginia Tech 28-21 Win
Sept. 20 - North Carolina 70-41 Win
Sept. 27 - bye
Oct. 4 - Southern Methodist University 45-24 Win
Oct. 11 - at University of South Florida
Oct. 18 - bye
Oct. 23 - Connecticut
Nov. 1 - at Temple
Nov. 8 - bye
Nov. 15- at Cincinnati
Nov. 22 - Tulane
Nov. 28 - at Tulsa
Dec. 4 - University of Central Florida
Dowdy Ficklen
Players I Have Met
"East Carolina's Inaugural AAC Schedule Released." <i>- ECU Pirates Official Athletic Site</i>. CBSi Advanced Media, 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.
"Official Football Roster - ECU Pirates Official Athletic Site." <i>Official Football Roster - ECU Pirates Official Athletic Site</i>. CBSi Advanced Media, 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.
On October 7, 1961 it was announced that a booster would be started for the new stadium.
By 1962 over $280,000 had been raised for the stadium.
The Dowdy Ficklen Stadium was named after James Ficklen, who was the leader of the booster.
In 1991 ECU did $1.6 million in renovations.
Today the official seating capacity is 50,000. The record for most capacity was set on September 20, 2014 ECU vs. UNC. Seating 51,082 people.
The North Carolina General Assembly has allowed ECU to have future expansion in the stadium increasing the seating capacity to 58,000.
Over time the total attendance has increased from 143,285 in 1990 to 263,910 in 2013.
ECU Game Traditions
ECU No Quarter
By: Taylor Swain
These are the players I have met on various occasions. Shane Carden #5 Quarterback, Rocco Scarfone #10 Defensive Back, J.T. Boyd #65 Offensive Line, DeShaun Amos #39 Defensive Back, Justin Hardy #2 Inside Receiver, Chris Love #23 Running Back/ Inside Receiver, Taylor Hudson #74 Offensive Line, C.J. Struyk #50 Offensive Line/ Deep Snapper.
Shane Carden
Rocco Scarfone
J.T. Boyd
DeShaun Amos
Justin Hardy
Chris Love
Taylor Hudson
C.J. Struyk
"Dowdy Ficklen Stadium." <i>Wikipedia</i>. Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 22 Sept. 2014. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.
ECU's fight song is EC Victory.
The official mascot is Peedee the Pirate.
On Fridays before a home game students are encouraged to wear purple and gold, or a symbol of the university.
The also have the pirate walk before every game.
ECU also has the cannon which is fired when the players run onto the field and after every score.
During the intermission between the third and fourth quarter a new flag is raised to replace the normal jolly roger flag.
Marshall Plane Crash
In 1970 Marshall was heading home from Greenville North Carolina after a loss 14-17 against the ECU Pirates. There plane crashed while flying home, they flew home during a thunder storm which caused the crash. Ever since Marshall and ECU have had a emotional bond when playing each other at games.
The Beginning of ECU Football
The first football team was started in 1932.

In the first season ECU did not score a single point, but their opponents scored a combined 187 points.

ECU won their first game in history during their second season on November 11, 1993.

They played on the main campus field from 1949- 1962.

The Dowdy Ficklen Stadium became the game stadium when it was built in 1963.

Pirate News
On October 7, three players named Yiannis Bowden, Curtis Burston, and Markel Winters were all arrested. These players are suspened from all team activities. The event that has caused this suspesion was because these boys were out during their class hours shooting BB guns near an elementary school causing it to go on lock down.

"ECU Football Players Cited for Allegedly Firing BB Guns from Vehicle." <i>WCTI12</i>. News Channel 12, 7 Oct. 2014. Web. 8 Oct. 2014.
"Three ECU Football Players Suspended after BB Gun Charges." <i>WITN RSS</i>. News Channel 7, 8 Oct. 2014. Web. 8 Oct. 2014.
ECU Football
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