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Different Planets

No description

Becky Kuethe

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Different Planets

Different things in space
By: Mary Schellenberg
Main Idea
When you think about the Solar System you probably think of planets.
Although you might think of that, there is other things in the Solar System, like for example other planets then just the 8 that we would usually come across. Another example is the asteroids and the Milky Way.
of the astronomy
A smiling Lens
Cluster appear differently
Smiley form
Voyager reaching Interstellar space
There is other things in our solar system then just 8 planets. You can find and discover cool things.
Double Sunset

Comet Massacre
SRTF'S Baby Picture
My Project
This is my fourth quarter project from Renzulli.
It is made by Kepler
It happened September 15 2011
The people who found it: NASA
15 of September 2011
From icy comets
young star
few hundred years old
European Space Agency
Credit: Cal Tec
ISON,Stars and Galaxies
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