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Emperor Nero

A small Prezi on the life of Emperor Nero

Kasey-Jo Lipscomb

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Emperor Nero

Murder Most Foul
Nero and his Mother had become increasingly distant when Nero would no longer let his Mother dictate his actions as Emperor. His Teacher Seneca and his Mother had tried to control the young Emperor. Seneca was subtle, while Nero's Mother was not. Nero decided it was time for his Mom to go. He plotted to kill her by sinking her ship as she was on her way to Naples, Italy.
She swam back to shore, and quickly discovered that this was Nero's doing. Nero sent soldier after her, declaring her a traitor, saying that she had been plotting against him. His soldiers quickly cornered and then killed her. Rome was shocked that Nero had comited the worst crime: Matricide. The Roman people did not believe Nero's lie.
The first years of the New Emperor's rule went well. He banned capital punishment, gave the Senate more freedom, reduced taxes, and aloud slaves to sue unjust owners.
However, when Nero turned 21, he decided to put his power to use. Reports of Nero get darker and darker, Rumors began circulating that he seduced married women and young boys, he was said to have castrated and then married a male slave. He openly persecuted Christians and rumors circulated that he liked to randomly kill people on the streets. He was Betrothed to Octavia, But quickly forgot about her.
Early Childhood
Emperor Nero was born in 37 AD, at the age of 12 he became the heir to the throne when his Mother married her Uncle, the Emperor Claudius. Nero's Mother became Empress in 49 AD, after the Senate was told that it would be for "the public good" to have this marriage aloud. A few days after, the philosopher Seneca was brought back from exile to teach Nero. Nero loved art, music, and theatre and continued to love these though out his life.
A year later, Emperor Claudius adopted Nero, Nero took the name Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus. He was preferred over Emperors natural son, Britannicus (who was betrothed to the Emperor's daughter, Octavia) When Nero was Almost 17, Claudius ate a poison mushrooms and died, Nero became Emperor on Oct. 3rd, 50 AD.
(Sadly, Things didn't go so well for Britiannia, He was killed by Nero's mother to ensure Nero got the throne. Nero Forced her to retire in 56 AD)
When In Rome... Watch it Burn
Probably what Emperor Nero is best remembered for is the burning of Rome in 64 AD. The fire started at the Circus Maximus, and raged for anywhere between 5-9 days. The Fire destroyed 10 of the 14 districts inside of Rome. Temples, Houses, and Shops were reduced to ash. Though Nero never fiddled, some reports of the fire say that the Emperor sang, only darkening his image to the Roman people. Then Nero did the unthinkable. He blamed the fire on the Christians. Nero began to openly killed Christians by having wild dogs rip them to shreds, being eaten by lions, or being their entire body be used as a torch, some were even crucified.
Nero has left the Building!
As 65 AD went on, The Senate decided that they had had enough. They planned to kill Nero, and replace him with a member of the Senate. The person that was chosen to replace Nero was C. Calpurnicus Piso. This plot was discovered, and many of the conspiritors were killed. Including Seneca. (Seneca and Piso commited suicide) Rome was rebuilt, using less wood, Nero added wider streets and smaller buildings. Nero wanted a large Palace to be built in the center of the city, and said that that would be his home. This only angered the Roman people further. They began to believe that the fire was no accident. He also took a large part of the countryside that led into the city. Nero said he wanted this land to further his artistic talents.

In the year 68 AD, support for Nero was all but obliterated. As Galba claimed his thrown and marched on Spain, Nero commited suicide (with assistance) on June 9th, 68 AD. His final words were recorded: "What an artist dies in me!"
Presented By Kasey Lipscomb
The Life Of Emperor Nero
What Happened to Nero?
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