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Of Mice and Men Background

No description

Cyntra Lewsader

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Background

1. The recent economic situation in the US is very similar to the Great Depression.

2. America was the only country affected by the Great Depression.

3. The Great Depression was caused in part by too much buying on credit.

4. The only cause of the Great Depression was the Stock Market crash.

5. Banks have never failed or gone bankrupt in this country.

6. The Great Dust Bowl happened after the Depression.

7. Over 13 million were unemployed during the Drepression.

8. Buy stocks on credit was a good idea then and now.

9. FDR's New Deal helped America out of the Depression.

10. A surplus of farm goods aided to the Great Depression.
The Great Depression
Historical Setting
What do you
know about it?
Historical Events:
The Stock Market Crash
The Great Depression
The Dust Bowl
Let's check it out!
Are you a 1930s brainiac?

How did you do?
We know
, but
Of Mice and Men
take place?
Of Mice and Men
Background Info
Geographical Setting
Beginning location:
By a stream close to the Salinas River
Surrounding land is covered in thick vegetation.
Second location:
On an isolated ranch
Ranch hands live in the bunkhouse
Main Characters
Large, lumbering, childlike migrant worker

Has a mild mental disability & relies on George for guidance & protection.

Gentle, kind but doesn't understand his own strength

Believes him & George will one day own their own farm
Small, wiry, quick-witted man

Travels with and cares for Lennie

Behavior is motivated by the desire to protect Lennie

Believes he will own a dream farm with Lennie
Curley's Wife
Older ranch handyman
Lost a hand in an accident
Worries about his future on the ranch
Wants to join Lennie & George in their dream farm
Curley's wife
Only female character
Never given a name
Represents female sexuality in a male-dominated world
Depicted as a victim
Depeserately lonely & dreams of a better life
Black stable-hand
Nickname from his crooked back
Proud, bitter, & funny
Isolated from other ranch-hands from the color of his skin
Asks Lennie if he can join their dream farm
Steinbeck was born & raised in Salinas.
Salinas River Valley
Hmm...does Salinas sound familiar?
Other Characters
skilled mule drive
"prince' of the ranch
at peace with himself & other look to him for advice
quiet and insightful
The Boss
ranch hand
complains about Candy's smelly, old dog
convinces Candy to let him execute Candy's old dog
The Boss
stocky, well-dress man in charge of the ranch
Curley's father
son of "The Boss" & recently married
wears high-heeled boots to stand out from the other ranch hands
champion boxer
confrontation, mean-spirited
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