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Let's examine Spanish class!

No description

Jennifer Kopec

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Let's examine Spanish class!

Let's examine rules and procedures of Spanish class!
Classroom Materials
1 folder with 2 pockets
1 notebook (one-subject)
More Expectations & Rules
Demonstrate respect for yourself, other students, teachers, visitors, & property.
Final Expectations
Behave appropriately. Act in a way that is polite.
Class Activities (individual, partner, & group activities that focus on speaking, listening, reading, & writing IN SPANISH)

Bring these
3 "strikes" (verbal warnings about behavior) during Spanish class results in a detention.
If you have a
Spanish dictionary,
Being on task means to follow ALL directions and PARTICIPATE during ALL classroom activities.
Student participation is tracked and you will given a participation grade each quarter. So try your absolute BEST!
Being prepared for class means to have your homework, your folder, your notebook, and a writing utensil EVERYDAY for class!
Not being prepared will also cause you to be marked down on your quarterly participation grade.
Expectations & Rules
Be on task & be prepared.
Do not use inappropriate language or yell in the classroom.

Remain polite to all students, teachers, & guests.

All inappropriate behavior will be documented by me and continuous behavior problems with result in a lower participation grade.
Remember, 3 "strikes" (verbal warnings about behavior) during Spanish class results in a detention.
Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
Do not cause a distraction to others who are trying to learn!
No food or drinks in class.
Students are to use restroom during designated times with homeroom teacher.
Cheating will not be tolerated. I will talk with student and parent/guardian if a student is caught cheating.
What is considered cheating?
Plagiarism: copying straight from a source (online, book, magazine) and passing it as your own work.
Using translation sources (like google translate),.
Copying off another student.
Using aides during a quiz or test.
Talking during a quiz or test.
You will get homework often in Spanish class. Homework will help you go remember important things learned in class.
Tests and quizzes will be similar to class activities and homework so try your best!
Homework should be on your desk in the beginning of class.

Most days you will have a warm-up that you will be doing while I check homework.
Most homework assignments are 5-15 points and will be checked for effort. Follow directions and try your hardest to get the points for the assignment. BUT once a week or every other week, I will collect an assignment at random and check for accuracy. If you got 5 out of 5 wrong, then you would not receive any points.
Late Homework
When absent, missed work will be left on your desk. You will have as many days to finish the work as you were absent.

Hand in homework the day you return from an absence.

On small assignments (5-15 points), I will accept late for half credit.

Larger assignments like projects will be accepted late and marked down on points according to rubric.
Tests and Quizzes
You will have a quiz or test every week or every other week. If you're absent for a quiz or test, you will make it up when you return.
If you get below a C (below 78%), your parent will need to sign the quiz or test and you will have to bring it back the next day.

You can retake a written quiz or test if you get below a 78% within 3 school days of getting the quiz or test back. The quiz/test will not be the same exact thing, but very similar. These retakes have to be done before or after school. You can only retake a quiz or test once. You can get up to an additional 15% on your retake. If you score lower on your retake, you will keep the better score.
Super Estudiante
When you are finished with class work, you should do práctica extra! You can hand in these papers to get extra points to get cool prizes.
Práctica Extra (Super Estudiante) Points:
5 = 1 piece of candy
10= 3 pieces of candy
15= Your choice of prize
25= 3 extra credit points
50= Free Homework Pass (Valid only for 5-10 point assignments with my approval)
100= $10 McDonald’s gift card

Participation is important in class and students are expected to use the language in class daily, which includes speaking!
Participation will be assessed on the following criteria: attendance/promptness, level on engagement in class, listening skills, behavior, and preparation.
Participation will be out of 20 points and a grade will be given each quarter.
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