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No description

maria lavinia

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Kindergarten

Kinder Kids:
Minions in the Making
Studious Minion
Bully Minion
Captain America Minion
Helpful Minion
Attentive Minion
Lovable Minions
In order to succeed in the classroom, we should focus on these three spots
Focus on Teachers
Focus on Classrooms

Focus on the students
Enjoy learning
Look forward to enter
school in the morning
Learning as an adventure
First Day of School
The school is a happy place
Presented by:
Maria Lavinia E. Fetalino
The teacher is lovable
Even at school we have rules
Thank you for listening!!
Minion Professor
Multiple Intelligences

Rate each statement from 0 to 5 according to how well the description fits you (0 = Not at All to 5 = Very True)

A. I enjoy singing and I sing well.
B. I love crossword puzzles and other word games.
C. I like spending time by myself.
D. Charts, maps, and graphic organizers help me learn.
E. I learn best when I can talk over a new idea.
F. I enjoy art, photography, or doing craft projects.

G. I often listen to music in my free time.
H. I get along well with different types of people.
I. I often think about my goals and dreams for the future.
J. I enjoy studying about the earth and nature.
K. I enjoy caring for pets and other animals.
L. I love projects that involve acting or moving.

M. Written assignments are usually easy for me.
N. I can learn new math ideas easily.
O. I play a musical instrument (or would like to).
P. I am good at physical activities like sports or dancing.
Q. I like to play games involving numbers and logic.
R. My best way to learn is by doing hands-on activities.

S. I love painting, drawing, or designing on the computer.
T. I often help others without being asked.

U. I enjoy being outside in all types of weather.
V. I love the challenge of solving a difficult math problem.
W. Having quiet time to think over ideas is important to me.
X. I read for pleasure every day.

Tally your answers:

Naturalistic - J K U
Math-Logic - N Q V
Verbal-Linguistic - B M X
Musical-Rhythmical - A G O
Visual-Spatial - D F S
Bodily-Kinesthetic - L P R
Interpersonal - E H T
Intrapersonal - C I W
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