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The Goddess, Hera

No description


on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of The Goddess, Hera

Hera's Myth
Zeus had a son named Hercules.Hera hated Hercules.She hated him so much that she raised a storm at sea in order to drive Hercules out of his course to kill him. Zeus saw what she did he hung her in the clouds with golden chains.
Hera (Juno)
Hera was the queen of the gods,protector of women,and the goddess of marrige. Hera was a very bossy goddess,she is very beautiful and graceful but,very stern at the same time.
Hera's Parents & Family
Hera's parents are Chronus & Rhea. Her brother & husband was Zeus.Her brothers were Poseidon & Hades.Her sisters are Hestia & Demeter.
Hera's Children
Hera had many children.Her children were Ares,Enyo,Hebe,Eilethyia,Hepheast-us,Angelo,and Eris.
The Goddess, Hera
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