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Mother Teresa

No description

Sarah S.

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa devoted her whole life to world peace, and doing anything in her power to push things in that direction worldwide. 'She is stated to have said that earthly rewards were important only if they helped her help the world’s needy.'
What lasting effects did Mother Teresa's actions have on Canada and the world?
Mother Teresa will forever be known and seen as an inspiration throughout Canada and worldwide. Even Pope John Paul II looked to her as an inspiration and someone to be looked to as a role model.
Mother Teresa's name is known worldwide by many. She is known as an icon of peace and kindness. Mother Teresa would treat all as equal, from the rich to the poor and needy, and always advocated a life of peace.
Mother Teresa had a large and positive impact on Canada. She established the Home for the Dying, a hospice for the sick and dying that was free to the poor who could not receive the aid they needed otherwise. For more than 45 years, Mother Teresa comforted the poor, the dying, and the unwanted around the world.
Eventually, around 1980, she opened homes for drug addicts, prostitutes, battered women, and later on, AIDS victims as well. This says quite a bit about her indifference to discrimination, as many people do discriminate against people struggling with the types of issues listed above, whereas Mother Teresa helped all of these victims regardless of the rest of the world's view on them. She understood their need for help and reached out to them wholeheartedly.
What did Mother Teresa do to make a difference in Canada?
Why is Mother Teresa a global citizen who is concerned with social justice?
If it weren't for Mother Teresa and her persistent acts of peace around the world, her hundreds of hospices and homes for the outcasts and the poor, thousands if not hundreds of thousands would have gone without the help and love they deserved but could not afford.
She taught people to accept and to aid in all who need aid, not just those who can afford it or can give back in equal pay for it. With this mentality, while things are far from perfect, many people have become more open and peaceful due to her teachings and examples.
By Sarah Sleiman
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