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East Melanesian Islands

Biodiversity Hotspot

pedro vidals

on 9 February 2010

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Transcript of East Melanesian Islands

East Melanesian Islands biographic region with significant reservoir of biodiversity that is threatened with destruction. Biodiversity Hotspot The East Melanesian islands lies North-East of New Gunea and includes the Bismarck and Admiralty The region is one of the most geographically complex areas on Earth, with diverse range of island of varying age and development Unique and threatended biodiversity: because most of the island on this hotspot have never been in land contact with New Guinea, their fauna and flora are a mix of recent long-distance immigrants and indigenous lineages derived from ancient Pacific-Gon Species Threatened: they play an important part in the hotspot because they help pollinate and seed dispersal
they eat fruits
they have hard times when they land for food The Flying Fox Bat The Large Prehensile- Tailed Kink they live in side of trees and feed off epiphytes
their home is being over logged
they are nocturnal
Palmatorappia Solomonis
found in low vegitation and trees Kauri Pine endemic plant in this region
can grow up to 40-50 meters tall The East Melanesian Island would be considered a Tropical Rain Forest
it is close to the equator and the climate also resembles a tropical rain forest
animals use camoflage to hide and blend in with their surroundings.
some are nocturnal
birds have strong beaks to crack nut shells
some frogs are brightly colored to show they are poisonous

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