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Endothelial Cells

AP Chemistry Project

Alston Trinh

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Endothelial Cells

Alston Trinh
Josh Chung
David Tseng They are the thin layer of cells that line the entire circulatory system... From your heart... ...down to the smallest capillary ...which is why keeping these ET cells in good health is very important Creates new blood vessels
(Angiogenesis) x 1000000 Moderates blood flow What do they do? Serves as a semi-permeable membrane
between outer tissue and blood vessel Prevents coagulation cascade
from starting (blood clotting) So... Controls blood pressure
(Vasoconstriction/vasodilation) (Blood Vessel) White blood cells Gases N O Releases NO Endothelial cells use NO to tell smooth muscles to relax Atherosclerosis most prevalent vascular disease NO transmits messages between nerve cells TIME FOR SOME JUICE! NO causes penile erections by blood vessel dilation How to prevent atherosclerosis Exercise! Don't Smoke! Smoking damages the artery walls, making it easier for plaque to build up It can:
reduce the amount of fat in the blood
lower cholesterol and blood pressure
control your weight Avoid Saturated Fats NO promotes vascular reparative mechanisms high intake of saturated fats allows more plaque to form around the artery walls and narrow the arteries It seems to be associated with the process of learning, memory, sleeping, feeling pain, and maybe even depression. NO helps the immune system fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infections as well as tumors. Notice how we said "saturated" fats Not ALL fats are bad for you Because of the linear structure, saturated fats can easily and closely stack on top of each other, causing a build up of plaque in your blood stream And if you don't protect your endothelial cells.... However, saturated fats have "kinks" in their structure due to the double bond in the molecule. This makes it much more difficult for the molecules to stack on top of each other, which instead flows easily through your arteries This happens: Less nitric oxide is produced... I'm sad Blood Vessel High blood pressure Less dilation of blood vessels
(Vasoconstriction) Rapid response (initial) Levels of NO, prostaglandins, von Willebrand factors, tissue plasminogen activators, etc..... decrease when fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up in the walls of arteries and form hard structures called plaque Slow response (physical changes) Basement membrane in blood vessels & smooth muscle cells adjacent to endothelium alter Vessel structure alters Inflammation A. “Thinking.” Look At My Happy Rainbow! N.p., 9 Apr. 2011. Web. 2 June 2012. <http://lookatmyhappyrainbow.blogspot.com/2011/04/thinking.html>.

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Endothelial Cells and its Effect on the Body What are
endothelial cells? Well...they're REALLY small And according to "No More Heart Disease" So... THE END
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