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The Interview

Tips and Strategies for a Successful Interview

Kevin Carver

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of The Interview

How to Prepare & What to Do
Make the Shortlist
Do Your Home Work
Interview Day
The Post Mortem
Apply for Everything
Volunteer in schools where you want to work!
List ALL your Professional Development on your résumé
Convey your teaching experience - i.e. courses taught - via résumé or cover letter
List applicable courses taken - those that tie in specifically with the job description
Develop a rapport with the admin and teaching staff in order to snag sub days and make yourself known
Ensure that you are familiar with the curriculum outcomes for the course(s) for which you are applying to teach
Visit the school if possible. Get a sense of the school culture.
Ask for a copy of the student handbook, school rules, etc. Visit the school website.
Gather as much info as you can from teachers at the school
Dress professionally, regardless of the temperature!
Arrive early. You will often receive a question sheet and be given time to formulate answers or make notes using any resources you have with you.
Bring NICE copies of your résumé for the interviewers.
Take the time to indicate what other attributes you can offer!
You will likely be contacted whether or not you were successful.
If you were unsuccessful, take the time to follow up and find out how you could have improved your score.
Thank the administrator for considering you. You want to be shortlisted again!
Keep Your Eye on the Prize!
The Interview
5 Key AVRSB Reference Questions
Positive classroom environment?
Preparation and planning?
Quality, engaging instruction?
Professional responsibilities?
Would you hire him/her for this position?
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