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Ruby Holler

Book Prezi

Jordan Beyer

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Ruby Holler

Ruby Holler The setting takes place in a forest where the characters live in a cabin. The forest is called Ruby Holler. The characters in the story "Ruby Holler" are
Dallas, Florida, Tiller, and Sairy. Dallas is the kind of kid who really likes to use his imagination to make bad things better than they really are. Florida usually is not the happiest of campers, and she always tends to look at all the negatives in a problem and not the positives. The story "Ruby Holler" starts out with Dallas looking out of the window watching a bird fly. Rising Action:
1: Florida and Dallas go to foster care with Tiller and Sairy.
2: Florida and Tiller get the boat fixed perfectly the way they want it.
3: Dallas and Florida run away with all the supplies for the trip buy Tiller and Sairy find them and just think that Dallas and Florida wanted to try out all the supplies to make sure that they worked. Climax:
When Dallas and Sairy go on their trip and Tiller and Florida go on their trips so Mr. Trepid tries to steal Tiller and Sairy's money. Resolution:
Tiller, Sairy, Florida, and Dallas trick Mr. Trepid and Dallas and Florida get adopted by Tiller and Sairy I learned that you always need to stick with your family no matter what happens and no matter what you go through. In the book I really liked how in the end Dallas and Florida get adopted by Tiller and Sairy. I would recomend this book beacause it is adventureous and it is kind of funny! Falling Action:
Tiller, Sairy, Florida, and Dallas put traps for Mr. Trepid so that he doesn't get any money.
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