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Inside Out and Back Again Book Club

No description

Jenny A.

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Inside Out and Back Again Book Club

Falling action The book Inside Out and Back Again is about a girl named Kim Há that moves from Veitnam to Alabama. She faces many problems on the ship, on the island Guam and in America. In America, Kim Há gets teased about alot of things. One kid even even called her pancake face! One of the problems she faced in Guam was eating strange American food. On the ship she was very hungry and thirsty. Read Inside Out and Back Again to find out more about Kim Há and her adventure. A Summary The story takes place in Alabama and Saigon, Vietnam. Setting Rising Action The rising action is when Kim Há's home town Saigon (modern day Ho Chi Minh City) is being attacked by the communists. And when her family decides to flee Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh was the person who took Saigon for hi own. And had the city named after him (he was communist). The Climax The climax was when they were on the Navy boat to the Island Guam. They faced hunger, thirst and they had no real bathrooms. All they had with them was food and clothes. When the action starts to
fall is when they finally finally have a host family that takes them to Alabama. The person who takes them wears a cowboy hat. Mady and Jenny Inside Out and Back Again Resolution The resolution is when they finally settle in Alabama. And get used to the United States' strange customs. Kim Há She is very shy and nervous about life in America
She gets teased and gets called "pancake face"
She is nice because even when people are rude to her she still treats them how she would treat her mom. Mom She always puts others before herself
She is sad about her life because she finds it awful
She misses her hometown but decides that her kids need to be safe Recommendations Jenny:
I would recommend Inside Out and Back Again because the book was very detailed and showed the hardships of having to move to a place that you have never heard of. Thank You For Watching!! Credits:
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