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Student Chef

No description

Lisa Ren

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Student Chef

Student Chef Cost 0f Ingredients The Meal Asparagus, Carrots and Prosciutto
Whole roasted chicken Chunky Potato soup
1 whole raw chicken
1 baking Potato
1 pkgs. of Mushrooms
Soy sauce
Chicken flavoured Seasonings
a pinch of Rock salt
Red wine
1-2 tablespoons of Oil
1 tablespoons Chinese 5 spice
1 clove of Garlic

1. Mix the rock salt, soy sauce, red wine, chinese 5 spice and Chicken
flavoured seasoning together in a bowl and brush it slowly over the chicken.
2. Brush the chicken until the sauce runs out and place the chicken in a pan. Let it marinate for 6hrs.
3. Cut the potatoes and mushrooms into bite size pieces and vegetables around the
and chicken. Add a clove or two of garlic with the chicken.
4. Put the chicken in a preheated oven of 400 degrees and cook for 2 hours.
3 red potatoes
2 slices of Prosciutto
1 onion
1 cup of buttermilk
3 tablespoons of butter
1 cup of Flour
Black pepper
A handful of shredded cheese

1. Cut the potatoes into small pieces, while heating up the water
and once the water is up to a boil add the potatoes and wait until they are tender.
2. While the potatoes are cooking finely cut a small onion and add to a pan with butter.
3. Once the onions are see-through but not brown and add flour, black pepper and the potatoes. Cook them together for a couple minutes.
4. Add the water and the 1 cup of buttermilk. Cook together for 3-4 minutes and then slowly start adding the cheese.
5. Once finished, boil for another 30 minutes and it's ready to eat!

Bibliography: 20083 20125 1017 MIMI Publications Internation, LTD., produced by Internation masters Publishers under license. Grandma's Kitchen: Treasured Family Recipes IMP AB Printed in USA. Pk0. Dessert! 1 cup of melons and
1 whole mango
2 small oranges

1. Place all the fruit together on a plate and Enjoy!
Main Meal: Whole roasted chicken
Sides: Asparagus and carrots wrapped with Prosciutto
Sides: Chunky Potato Soup with baguette
Beverage: Tea
Dessert: Fruit Salad IT'S...
ENJOY YOUR MEAL! Google images Google images Google images Red wine
1 pkgs. Asparagus
2 pkgs. baby carrots
100g of Prosciutto
3 tablespoons of Butter

1. Melt butter into a pan and add the asparagus and carrots. Add some salt and pepper afterwards and cook somemore.
2. Then de-glaze the pan with red wine and cover the asparagus and carrots with the sauce.
3. Put the vegtables onto a pan and then lay the prosciutto on top and enjoy!

Bibliography: Grillini, Mirko . Italian Cooking Class Athentic Rustic Cucina. Dingley, Australia: Hinkler Books, 2004. Print.
Whole Chicken: $6.04
Potatoes: $1.94/per kg
Mushrooms: $2.59
Shredded Cheddar Cheese: $2.50
Salt: $0.70/per kg
Pepper: $1.59
Soy sauce: $0.50
Onion: $0.60
Red wine: $3.00
Asparagus: $3.97
Baby Carrots: $0.66
Prosciutto: $3.37
Baguette: $1.37
Butter: $1.50/per kg
Oil: $3.00
Flour: $0.80/per 100g
Chicken Flavoured Seasoning: $1.50/per kg
Chinese 5 spice: $2.00
Rock salt: $0.56
Garlic: $0.59/per 100g
Sugar: $0.50/per 100g
Water: Free
Buttermilk: $1.85
Mango: $1.00
Oranges: $0.40
Melons and Grapes: $3.39
Tea: $0.10/per person

Total: $46.80 Google images
By: Lisa Ren
Class: 7H
Date: April 26, 2010
Subject: D&T Google Images
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