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Effective Feedback

No description

Kathleen Lambe

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Effective Feedback

Effective Feedback
What is it?

How do we ensure that we are providing students with
effective feedback to improve learning?
Video - Dylan William
Good Feedback or Bad Feedback?? You decide!!
Effective Feedback
7 Keys to Effective Feedback
Wiggins, G. (2012) 7 Keys to Effective Feedback.
1. What types of feedback are mentioned?

2. "Give them feedback that makes it clear that ability is incremental rather than fixed." What does this mean?
With a partner, decide whether the feedback comments are effective or ineffective. Why or why not?
* Read your assigned Key.
* Discuss with a partner.
* Report to the class.
7 Keys to Effective Feedback (Wiggins, 2012)
1. Goal- referenced
2. Tangible and transparent
3. Actionable
4. User-Friendly
5. Timely
6. Ongoing
7. Consistent
Hattie and Timperley (2007)
Four Levels of Feedback Model
1. Feedback about the task
ex: Feedback about whether the answers
right or wrong
2. Feedback about the processing of the task

ex: Feedback about what strategies could be
3. Feedback about self-regulation

ex: Feedback about self-evaluation or self-
4. Feedback about the student as a person

ex: Student is "good" or "smart."
Where am I going?

How am I going?

Where to next?
is a
The level at which feedback is focused influences effectiveness
* Feedback about the qualities of the work and the process or strategies used to do the work are most helpful.

* Feedback that draws students' attention to their self-regulation strategies or abilities as learners can be effective IF students hear it in a way that makes them realize they will get the results they want if they expend effort and attention.

* Personal comments do not draw students' attention to their learning.
Brookhart, S. M. (2008). How to Give Effective Feedback To Your Students. ASCD.
Now you give some feedback...
What about praise?
* Read assigned article.

* Discuss with your group.

* Share with people who read a different article.
Feedback Article Jigsaw
EXIT Ticket
3 Things you learned about effective

2 Things that you will use in your future

1 Question you still have about effective
Do you think dogs or cats make better pets?
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