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My Change Plan

No description

Gina Hanosh

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of My Change Plan

Describing the Change
In looking at Education as a whole, there are so many areas that I would love to change. I think first and foremost, I would love the idea of allowing teachers to have a voice again, rather than being “dictated” upon from a State Agency. I think another change, would be allowing for teachers to teach to the best of their abilities, because there is so much more to teaching than a test; it truly hinders creativity on so many different levels. Finally, accountability it very important, however, I think within reason, teachers should be allowed to have freedoms to believe that what they are doing with their students is exceptional, and not feel hindered that they are “under the microscope” all of the time, thus causing unhappiness.

Three things that would be changed in this particular situation, would be Human Resource, Symbolic, and Political frameworks. Human Resource because of the fact that there would be a type of appreciation for what teachers are doing. A Symbolic shift would occur, as the ideal of what a teacher is would be seen as an appreciated profession once again. Finally, Political, because with the lack of having Political Agencies dictate what needs to be done for students (when they have no experience as educators), the ideas that education would be much stronger, and in theory more successful.

Restraining and Driving Forces
Environmental forces:
• Teacher evaluation system.
• Common Core Assessments (Implementation of-not adequate resources for proper implementation)
• Supports (at times lack there) from District
• Test Scores as a motivator for teachers-loss in morale.

Some "Myths" In Education That Need Changes
"We Are In This Together!"
• Setting the bar for creating a good organization can be difficult. It is important that everyone sees themselves as having a voice, that they are heard in what they feel is best for change. In school organizations, this can pose as very difficult because of the factors of so many different levels of creative minds. That being said, there has to be a good balance of working together to come to a happy median. Administration needs to come in with an attitude that “we are in this together!” working towards achieving positive changes. If an administrator comes in with a positive attitude, and is willing to listen to concerns of staff members, and the community as a whole, it helps set the premise for everyone working together.

Frederick Herzberg

My Role
As an administrator, my role is to be proactive in supporting my community and school. That being said, there has to be a good balance of understanding, so that everyone involved is part of the change. I have to realize that no matter what I do, not everyone is going to be happy, however, it is key that I strive to do the best that I can in order to bring “harmony” to my community. It is important to take into consideration all the different frame works that can help make a change a good one. The two most important frames that I can see being effective in my leadership role, would be Human Resources and Symbolic. I think bringing people back to where it all started, where everyone had an opportunity to make a change is important, and that they are treated with respect and integrity that they deserve.
My Change Plan
Gina C. Hanosh
EDGR 626
Professor Purcell

Leader & Employee Behavior/Mindset:
• The idea that “teachers have summers off” needs to be changed in not only school community but social community as well.
• Teaching is easy-this needs to be reevaluated on so many different levels-State/National Representatives need to have experience first hand to experiences challenges that educators face everyday. If they get the experience, then they may truly see what changes need to be made.
• All students can be successful-this needs to be changed on so many different levels because of the factor that NOT ALL students learn the same way, they don’t fit into a perfect box, and some students have significant needs that impair this myth.

Restraining/Driving Forces Continued
Strategic/Organizational Imperatives:
• Allow for teachers to have a voice in what needs to be changed for the sole benefits of the students
• Allow for motivation as a driving factor to build morale for teachers instead of basing evaluation and job security solely on Standardized Testing
• Come to a consensus on teacher evaluation system-basing performance solely on test scores is not enough adequate information to show that the teacher is a proficient.

Action Taken
1. Ensure that constant communication is evident among community members and staff

2. Ensure that community members and staff members know that lines of communication are essential for success

3. Ensure that Vision/Mission/ Ideals are along the same ideals as the rest of the community and staff members-including Communicating the Vision of what will set the basis for change

4. Lead with a firm but fair hand. One does not want to be too lax in leading where people are taken advantage of, however, one does not want to be a Micro Manager where everyone is unhappy.

5. Continue to motivate community and staff on a consistent basis, versus short-term gratification. Praise as needed, acknowledge good work, strive to keep morale up when situations are posing difficult.

6. Put trust into community and staff members, and show them that their judgment, is for the best of the community. Help guide them if needing support, but allow them to make decisions that they know can best suit them.

Theorists Maslow/Alderfer

Frames For Organizational Change

Human Resource and Symbolic Frameworks are the ones that encompass a positive outcome. Although not perfect, each of these frames set a base for the setting a positive outcome for change. If employees see that they are respected, and have an opportunity to be heard, it sets the bar high for positive outcomes.
Kotter's Vision
• Communicating the Vision is imperative because it allows for opportunities to groups to work together on what expectations are, as well as what a good and positive approach to change can be
• Similarly, Removing the Obstacle and Empowering People is another powerful statement, because it allows for positive motivators for an organization, and it can be seen that constantly working together to overcome whatever hardships may be ahead, gives comfort in knowing that it can be done together.
Being an
Agent of Change
In looking at being an agent of change, it is somewhat scary because there are so many unknowns. There is the fear factor of not knowing if you are going to be able to do a good job, if you are going to be liked, or taken advantage of. Looking at the fear however, is in itself a change, and change has to happen in order to move forward. I never thought I would ever be taking the administrative role, but here I am, and coming out of the “comfort zone” is scary. Change is scary, but it is necessary to have in order to get out of the same mind sets all of the time. I fear because I am always the one being the problem solver, and making harmony with people that I will not be liked and that worries me. That being said however, I need to get up, and make a change for myself, and learn that not everyone is going to like me, and that I have to grow a backbone in order to be who I want to be as an administrator. I fear that parents, and staff members will intimidate me, and that I may be easily taken advantage of because I don’t want confrontation. However, that being said, it is important to set the bar of what I expect not only for myself but for my community, and to ensure that lines of communication are always open in order to ensure that everyone is having a chance to have their opinions.
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