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Week 2 Structural Aspects of an Interior Space

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Karyn bettridge

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Week 2 Structural Aspects of an Interior Space

Structural Aspects of Interior Space
Wood Frame Partitions
Construction Types...
Masonary Walls
Steel Frame Partitions
There are 3 main types of internal partitions or walls:
- Wood
- Steel
- Masonry

 It is important to know where studs are located when
altering walls, suspending or attaching anything to the

Wood frame partitions
: The most common type of interior wall, especially in residential buildings. The frame is covered with either a dry wall surface such as gypsum board, sheet rock or plaster.

Steel frame partitions
: Most common in commercial buildings and are
made with galvanized steel studs. Heavy gauges are used for load-bearing,
framing doors or for very tall partitions. Usually have pre-cut openings for

Masonry walls
: Usually made of brick, glass brick or concrete block and
are usually external walls but can be internal walls for load bearing or fire

Wall Construction
Flooring Construction
In general, floors have a substrate that is either solid or framed with a finishing surface.

 Floors may be required to add to the thermal-loading of a building, absorbing heat either into solid concrete or a stone or tile surface, or to have al high level of flexibility.

 It is important to consider factors such as wiring and plumbing, as these services will impact the flooring construction chosen.
Often used as a foundation or ground floor, particularly in commercial
 They are constructed from reinforced poured concrete and can be hard
and cold, depending on surface treatment.

These can be either timber or steel, creating a suspended platform similar to a horizontal stud wall to support flooring.

 Allows for services to run underneath the floor.

 Sub flooring on a joist can be solid timber, engineered timberbeams or steel.

 Substrate used over the joist is often plywood, or alternatively, hardwood can be applied directly to the joists.

Slab Floor
Floor Joists
Floor Joists
Slab Foor
Section through Slab floor
Wall Details...
Roof Construction
There are a number of different types of roofing structures,

• single roof
• double roof
• trussed roof
Other structures and features of existing sites:
• columns
• windows
• openings
• doors
• skylights
• stairs
• galleries
• balustrades
• cabinetry
• ceiling grid, light fixtures, smoke detectors, security
cameras, HVAC outlets/inlets speakers, sprinklers,
ceiling access
• blind/curtain cavities and fixtures
Mansonary wall w/steel studs for finishing material
Opening in load bearing wall
Power Point

Compile a list of materials and finishes that you would use within your design concept (for an installation for Assessment 1).

Create a table with four columns (as per your Learning resource 2). A column for materials, finishes, and two columns describing the advantages and disadvantages of the given material.

Using your Learning Resource and your own internet research as a reference develop a list of materials/finishes used in the space you have chosen for your folio project. A list of materials used in the existing space is invaluable when planning a new design and associated work processes as well as developing a budget.
Learning Activity
Discussion Online...
Please research into Sustainable products, companies and blogs on the web. Write a small review 250wrds max on your favorite site and include a link. Discuss with other students what you percieve the best link found...

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