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The Alchemist Aphorisms

No description

caramellina martinez

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of The Alchemist Aphorisms

When you want something- all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.


“The past was better than what we have now.”


It is the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.


The Alchemist Aphorisms
by: Caramellina Martinez

Always enjoy the littlest things you get in life. The more simpler the better. The little things you get, you should enjoy because its something that could be valuable or mean something to you in life. You shouldn't take the little things for granted. It could lead to regret. The little things you get in life should have potential and meaning. Those meaning for the little things will always have a story behind it all.
Everyone has their own beliefs in achieving their destiny. People believe in gods to help guide them.They pray to them and have hope. Others believe in spirits to guide them. Then some just believe in fate and just go with the flow.

"Everything in life has a price."


It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.


We all have to grow up sometime. Problems will come up eventually and the could lead to change. At some point we all will change and then want to go back. You have to realize that the past is the past and there is a reason why. The past may have seemed so much better, sometimes its best you keep it the past and then just move on.
Everything in life has a price. It depends on how you treat it. Karma and luck have a huge role. If you do something you know you will regret it could have consequences in the end. If you do something great and feel like its the right thing you could get the best out of it. What goes around will always come back around. Always be aware of your own actions. They depict on your life.
They say to believe in your dreams. When your dreams come true it feels like you have accomplished something. It makes you want to hard and succeed more and then you would want to change your ways and then want all your dreams to come true. You want your own ideas to be real. When you dreams come true it seems like you would have an easy life. When in reality you have to work towards you dreams to reach the standards you want. All your dreams have a meaning. Sometimes you have to think if that dream will be meaningful to you.
The picture that i had chosen represents some of the little things that you could enjoy. The items in the picture are so simple, yet meaningful at the same time. There are some simple foods. Like bread, and eggs,. They are simple easy foods but they feed us in the end. Enjoy the simple things you have.
The picture represents Christian/Catholic religion. We believe that there is a higher power and we pray to God. We believe he answers our prayers. We believe in him to guide us on our journey safely.
The picture represents the meaning of dreams. How not all dreams could come true. They have a meaning but that doesn't mean it would be a dream come true. Some leave you in mystery and make you wonder.
I choose this picture because it shows that how the past was. It shows how much that the past has changed and it shows the difernece how it is here in the present now.
I choose a barcode for my picture because thats what you have to scan to get a price. I used this image to represnt that their is a price to life. Life is a gift to take care of it and make sure its something worth to keep.
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