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Into the Wild

No description

Hazel Darlucio

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Into the Wild

Chapter 7 - Carthage

chapter 8 - Alaska
Chapter 9 - Davis Gulch

Chapter 10- Davis Gulch
Chapter 11 - Chesapeake Beach
Chapter 12- Annadale

Chapter 13 - Virginia Beach
1969 John Climbed Mt. McKinley as a sixteen year old
1973 Waterman had established a reputation as one of the most promising young alpinists in North America
March 1978 Waterman embarked on his most astonishing expedition
December 1979 Waterman flew to the Kahilna Glacier
1934 a peculiar twenty year old boy named Everett Ruess walked into the desert and never came out

Sam reveals that he originally read the article about the hiker, but didn’t think it could be Chris
1934 Clayborn Lockett briefly employed Ruess as a cook while excavating an Anasazi cliff dwelling
May 1, 1931 Ruess informs his family that he has taken to calling himself Lan Rameau and requests that they" please respect my brush name..."
1935 Christopher and Stella Ruess contracted the authorities in Escalante, they organized a search party
1986 Chris graduated from Woodson High School
1990 Walt, Billie, and Carine attended Chri's graduation ceremony,they thought he seemed happy
1992 two years after Chris left Atlanta,Billie was alseep in Chesapeake Beach when she sat bolt unright in the middle of the night
Chris eventually stops calling though and shows up a couple of months later

May 1992 - McCandless inscribed this date (May 1992) to the wall of the Sushana bus.
1914 - Everett was born in Oakland, the younger of two sons raised by Christopher and Stella Ruess.
1930 - Everett spend the summer of 1930 hitchhiking and trekking through Yosemite and big Sur.
1931 - Everett returned home long enough to get his high school diploma.
November 11, 1934 - Last letters received from Ruess.
Chapter 6-Anza-Borrego
Chapter 1 - The Alaska Interior
April 1992 - Young man hitchhikes to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness.
Summer Of 1990 - Graduated with honors from Emory University and dropped out of sight.
April 28, 1992 - Disappeared after taking a snap with his riffle.
Chapter 2 -The Stampede Trail
May 1992- Graffito carved in a piece of wood discovered at the site of the death of Chris McCandless
In the 1930's the trail was blazed by a legendary Alaska miner named Earl Pilgrim
In 1961 a Fairbanks company,Yutan Construction, won a contract from the new state of Alaska
Chapter 3 - Carthage
September 10,1990 - Chris McCandless was picked up by Westerberg.
October 10, 1990 - Westerberg began serving 4 month in Sioux Falls.
October 23, 1990 - Alex left town and resumed a nomadic existence.
Beginning Of August - McCandless's parents haven't heard from him, decided to visit him in Atlanta.
August 1 - Chris instructed the post office to hold his stuff.
Chapter 4-Detrital Wash
In October 1990, More than three monthas after McCandless left Atlanta
On July Chris set out to hike around Lake Mead
August 10 McCandless had been ticketed for hitchhiking near Willow Creek, In the gold Mining Country
October 28, Chris caught a ride with a long-haul trucker into needles, California

February 28, Chris mailed a postcard to Jan Burres
March 5 McCandless sent another card to Burres and a card to Franz as
March 11, Franz offered to take McCandless to Grand Junction
March 14, Franz left McCandless on the shoulder of interstate 70 Outside Grand Junction
Franz takes Alexs advice and sells eveything he owns and buys a camper and takes Alexs former camping spot outside the city
Into the Wild
by : Jon Krakauer
Chapter 5 - Bullhead City
May 1991 - Departed to Las Vegas.
December 9, 1991 - Heard from Jan through a letter.
October - Mailed a card to Westerberg, saying that he might finally settle down and leave his tramping life.
March 1992 - McCandless appears at Wayne Westerberg's grain elevator in Carthage.
April 15 - McCandless leaves and everybody gathered to see him off.
April 27, 1992 - Westerberg received another postcard from McCandless, from Alaska.
1990 - Chris gave his body a slip, something changed in walt.
1965 - Sam's marriage was in trouble. He and his wife Marcia separated.
February 12, 1968 - Billie (Dating Sam) got pregnant and gave birth to a boy.
1985 - Chris was hired by a local building contractor to canvass neighborhoods for sale.
September 17, 1992 - Carine was outside giving her Rottweiler a bath when Chris Fish pulled into the drive way.
Krakaurer interviewed Carine which is Alex's younger sister. When they heard about Alex's death Carine and her mom would lose there appetite and they ended up losing a couple of pounds, Opposite of her dad that ended up put on weight.
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