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Tone and Mood

No description

Tiffany Dagger

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Tone and Mood

Tone and Mood
Journal Topic

Have you heard the phrase, "it's
not what you said, but how
you said it?" What does
this phrase

Mood Music Please!
What is the tone of this picture? Write down three/four adjectives describing the setting of this picture.
In your notebook
Let's Practice
Yacinta and Kennedy were early for basketball practice. They decided to run up and down the bleachers to exercise before the rest of the team arrived.
Kennedy was first to the top. She whispered to Yacinta, "look over there." She pointed to a man sleeping on the highest, narrow bench of the bleachers. His pants and shirt were faded, worn and too large for his thin frame. One big toe stuck out of
a huge hole in his sock. His scraped up shoes
sat a few feet away.
Kennedy whispered, "We should help him out.
Let's hide something good in his shoes.
Then, when he wakes up,
he will have a nice surprise."
Detail 1
Detail 2
Make a double-bubble map comparing/contrasting these videos.
We are going to listen to 2 music clips.

In each box, write two or three adjectives to describe how the music makes you feel.
Which word best describes the TONE of this poem?

a. inspired and uplifting
b. reflective and serious
c. sympathetic and sorrowful
d. anxious and nervous
Which word best describes the MOOD of this

a. joy and elation
b. regret and sorrow
c. frustrated and angry
d. relaxed and content
Tell me in your own words what you think the
theme of this poem is.
How would you describe the tone of
this passage?
a. angry
b. detached
c. sympathetic
d. comical
How wold you describe the mood
of this passage?
a. angry
b. detached
c. sympathetic
d. comical

About three million people have to look for a place to sleep at night. Some homeless poople have jobs but do not earn enough money for both food and shelter. Some become homeless because they have unfortunate accidents or lose their job. They do not have any back-up resources to make it through hard times.
The homeless face terrible problems. Many become victims of violence. Serious health problems may begin because they are exposed to bad weather and unclean conditions. Homeless children may miss the chance to go to school. Worst of all, some cities pass laws that make it even harder on the homeless.
How would you describe the mood of this passage?

A. Calm
B. Pleased
C. Heartbroken
D. Terrified
How would you describe the tone?

A. Impartial
B. Delightful
C. Serious
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