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25 Ways to use Pinterest in Education

No description

Sarah Button

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of 25 Ways to use Pinterest in Education

CAN USE PINTEREST Let's start pinning! Pinterest in Education Inspiration Lessons Fun Professional 5. Pinterest is full of great craft ideas, both for you and the students. 4. Classroom lacking organization?

Search through pins for some great, often very creative, ways to keep your class neat and tidy. 1. Looking to liven up your classroom?

There are tons of photos of great classroom setups, from kindergartens to high school that you can use for inspiration. 2. Do you find yourself jotting down ideas or bookmarking websites and then forgetting about them?

Pinterest can help you keep these ideas organized and easy-to-find when you need them. 3. A great bulletin board display can make kids excited to learn and proud to see their accomplishments on the wall.

You’ll find some amazing ideas for creating your own when you browse Pinterest. 6. Pinterest is full of lesson plans that you can use and adapt to your own needs.

You can also show off your own great ideas by pinning photos and blog posts on your own. 7. Let your kids travel the world through the web when you find creative online field trips on Pinterest, or build your own through great images. 8. There are numerous ways students can use Pinterest to journal.

How about a series of photos captioned in a foreign language? Or documenting a trip they took? 9. If you’re in the market for some printable games and lessons for your students, you’ll find tons of great stuff on Pinterest. 10. Pump up your science lessons with amazing experiments. 11. Get ideas on how to make learning more hands-on. 12. It can be tough to choose books for young readers that are both fresh and age appropriate. Luckily, you’ll find some help on that when you look through Pinterest. 13. Need to search by grade? You can do that, too! If you find boards you like, make sure to follow them. 14. Through Pinterest, teachers can create collaborative boards. This makes it simple to work together on projects, build better lessons, or just connect over shared ideas. 15. Pinterest is a great place to find out about new tech resources for teachers, including places to print off materials, track your students, or get free educational videos, among other things! 16. Whether you’re looking to be inspired or find non-fiction reads about managing your classroom, look to pins from teachers on Pinterest for some recommendations. 17. You can pin pictures of the latest and greatest in educational products, though some may be dream purchases. 18. Promote your own work or blog. 19. You can find pins and talk with other educators for new ideas on how to handle your students, from rewarding them for doing well to handling a disruptive students. 20. Find amazing teaching blogs to read. 21. Not sure how to take on a project or tackle a new technology? You can use Pinterest to find helpful tutorials that’ll make it a snap. 22. One of the best ways you can use Pinterest for fun is to create a board dedicated to things that make you smile. Pin cute pictures, comic strips, and funny images for an instant pick-me-up. 23. There are some truly beautiful classrooms posted on Pinterest. Collect your favorite ideas and build a board that represents your ultimate dream classroom. 24. Being a teacher can be pretty hard work and sometimes you might need a little pick-me-up. You’ll find lots of inspirational quotes and photos that will help you get through even the hardest day. 25. Pinterest is one of the most fun sites out there to just browse through and enjoy, so don’t just use it for work! Information from the following website - 37 Ways Teachers Can Use Pinterest - http://www.teachthought.com/social-media/37-ways-teachers-can-use-pinterest-in-the-classroom/ Created by Sarah Button - 2013
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