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No description

Jiaying Chen

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Columbia-

Columbia- a beautiful country in South America
Welcome to Columbia!
Facts about Columbia
1. The equarter cut through the South Columbia.
2. Columbia does not have seasons.
3. Columbia produces 60% of the word's most expensive Emeralds.
4. In 1975, women in Columbia were given the right to vote.
5. Columbia is a large fresh flower exporter.
6. Four decades of conflict have turned Columbia into one of the world's worst humanitarian hotspots, with millions caught up in the crossfire between leftist rebels, cocaine smugglers and far-right paramilitary militas.
Yellow: gold found in Columbia
Blue: the seas on Columbia shores
Red: the blood spilled on the battlegrounds by the heroes who gained Colombia's freedom
Basic Information
Population: 47.7 million
Size: 439,700 (1/9 of U.S.)
Climate: tropical
Food: exotic fruit, coffee, rice, etc
Capital: Bogota
Currency: 5 US dollar= 9672.25 Columbia pesos
Language: mostly Spanish (Columbia Spanish)
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