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Hammurabi's code; Was it just?

No description

lauren meyer

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Hammurabi's code; Was it just?

Hammurabi's code; Was it just?
Hammrabi's code; Was it just? Articles, Information, Papers, Worksheets, over the past week I have used all of these to collect helpful information to help me answer the DBQ (data based question) Hammurabi's code; Was it just? In my opinion I can't decide yes or no. I feel that there is supporting evidence for both so I have decide my answer to the DBQ question Hammurabi's code; Was it just? is yes and no and the following is why.
In the papers I was given to answer the DBQ question "Hammurabi"s code was it just?" all of the laws in document(s) C,D, and E have a consequence/action for the situation that would be seen as a proper action at this time. Hammurabi also seems to want fair reasoning behind all actions, for example Law
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