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Jack The Ripper

No description

destiny reyes

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Jack The Ripper

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Catherine Eddowes
Jack The Rippers fourth victim was also killed on September 30th, 1888. Catherine had been released from a police station the morning victim Elizabeth was found.
His Victims
With the horrible wages that came with unjust employers, women were some one of the people that suffered the most in Whitechapel. Many turned to prostitution
Jack The Ripper murders in East London
The Jack the ripper killings took place in East London, starting in 1888.

During this time East London was known as "Outcast London" and was the center of crime, poverty, and fear.

That is why there is no certain answer as to how many victims Jack The Ripper actually had and who he actually was.

Mary Ann Nichols
A prostitute.
Murdered and mutilated.
Found in Dark row in East London streets.
Annie Chapman
Jack The Rippers second victim. She was known as a woman who had a fondness for drinking. She made money as a crochet worker and selling artificial flowers, but she occasionally turned to prostitution to extra money.
Elizabeth Stride
Elizabeth Stride's body was found in Dutfields Yard at 1am by Louise Diemshutz on September 30th, 1888. Soon after he and others went to the police and the police found that she had a large cut across her throat and her skirt above her waist. The last couple of times she was seen she was noticed with men
The East End
East End of London did not get its bad reputation until the Victorian Age, When, under Queen Victoria, a type of industrial revolution over crowded the East end.
Jack The Ripper
It is no wonder why Jack The Ripper became one of the most famous murders known. It is also no surprise that he was never caught.
As of today, we believe that Jack The Ripper had 5 victims
Hard to decipher because of the intense crime in the East End before and after the Jack The Ripper murders
In addition to the swarming local population, immigrants began to pour into the area, causing insufficient living conditions in the long run.
Huguenot houses of Spitalfields were turned into the small dwelling. Resulting in the occurrence of over 5 people in one small room
Even the new houses/buildings became over populated and destroyed.
Wages were pitiful,
(East End)
With all the poverty stricken people, alcoholics, and criminals, local violence was no stranger to East London. Jack The Ripper became a personified fear of the people in East London. Embodying all of their fears of crime and poverty
(East End)
In 1888 there were over 1,000 prostitutes in Whitechapel (The Ripper Claims)
All 5 of Jack The Rippers victims were prostitutes.
With the East Ends overall darkness, in people and in its streets, it was very easy for prostitutes to roam in the street and for their customers to bring them to dark allys.
Where Jack The Ripper chose to murder his
Mary Ann was a prostitute that was found in the small street of Bucks Row on August 30th, 1888 at 3:40 am. Charles Cross and Robert Paul, two carters, found her body on the ground with her skirts almost past her waist. They fled the scene and informed the first policeman they found.
Her body had a deep cut in her throat and a large incision across her abdomen. The police never found the murder but looked as several victims. One being the local gang that was responsible for two other killings that were previously mistaken for Jack the Ripper murders.
(Jack The Ripper)
Chapman was found on Hanbury Street in the backyard of apartment building 29 on September 8th, 1888. The way to the backyard was narrow and was were many prostitues went with their customer.
When she was found by residents of 29 Hanbury her skirt was above her waist. In Dr. Bagster Phillips testimony he said that her legs were pointed outward and she had been brutally mutilated.
The killer was never found.
There are many similarities between Jack The Rippers first murder and this one. You will also see them in his three other murders.
(Jack The Ripper)
An interesting detail about this murder is that there might have a been a witness to put a face to Jack The Ripper, his name is Israel Schwartz.
Thirty minutes before her body was found Israel was walking down a street where he saw a man ahead of him stop to talk to a woman he later said was Elizabeth Stride. When he saw that the man got violent with the woman he thought it was another domestic abuse case and left the street quickly.
According to him there was another man who the first man told to go after Israel and so Israel began to run away. The man who ran after was found a cleared of suspicion but the first was not.
(Jack The Ripper)
On the 29th of September the prostitute known as "Kate" had decided to fall asleep on a public street. The police came after and, finding her enable to stand or speak coherently, took her to a cell in the station to sober up. When she woke she was released and gave the officer that released her a fake name and fake address, Mary Anne Kelly of 6 Fashion Street.She also had a few witnesses before her murder. Fifteen minutes before her body was found, Joseph Lawende was a few steps away from Mitre Square, where her body was found, and said he saw a woman who wore clothes that looked like the ones Catherine wore with a man.
At 1am PC Watkins, a watchman, found Catherine on the floor with her skirt above her waist. The detective on the scene searched the area, door to door and civilian to civilian and could find no trace of the murderer.
(Jack The Ripper)
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly was believed to be Jack the Ripper last victim. She was also a prostitute; she was murdered on November 9th 1888 in her apartment on 13 Millers Court. She was known as a nice girl in East London and was known to be occasionally tipsy. She shared a room with an unemployed fish porter and being that the responsibility of paying rent was on her, she resorted to prostitution.
This seemed to be the worst murder of Jack The Ripper. Mary Kelly was found by Thomas Boyer and John McCarthy, her landlord, who were going to her apartment to receive her over due rent. McCarthy later told a journalist, "I had heard a great deal about the Whitechapel murders, but I declare to God I had never expected to see such a sight as this" (Jack The Ripper).
Her body was mutilated, she was skinned and several parts of her body were cut beyond recognition.
(Jack The Ripper)
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